8 Simple Tricks Every Tablet Owner Should Know

Tablets are wonderful devices. They are convenient, fun, helpful, and full of apps, widgets, and tools that enhance the quality of our daily lives. We hope you are making the most out of your tablet, and if you are not, here are some helpful tricks and tips to make your experience even more efficient, effective, and of course, entertaining.

                                                           How to use Tablet – Tips & Tricks
  1. Swipe To Type

Let’s start with the basics. Swipe to type is a popular way you can speed up your typing. All you need to do to compose a word is swipe around the keyboard to each letter in order of the word without losing contact with the screen. Give it a try, use it for a day or two, practice does help, and if it’s not your thing, you can always get back to pressing keys instead of swiping.

  1. Google Now

Google Now is a tablet intelligent assistant that comes with the Google Search app. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see if you have this feature. Google Now provides information essential for everyday convenience, speed, and entertainment, including weather, sports, travel information and much more.

  1. Switch Apps With Ease

If you have the Recent icon on the bottom of your touchscreen, that is it. If you don’t have it, you can long-press the Home icon to see the apps that are open or running. All you’ll have to do is press on the app window you want to open or swipe it left, right, up or down. Press the Back icon or the Home icon to go back to your main screen.

  1. Get Some Widgets
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Widgets are a great way to organize your tablet, enhance and make your tablet experience hassle free. For example, you can add contact widgets of the individuals you contact most frequently to your Home screen. To do so, go to the Apps icon, press on the Apps drawer, touch the Widget tab, press on the Contact widget, now long-press the widget and drag and drop it exactly where you want it, then select the contact you want to appear.

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  1. Save Battery Life With Wi-Fi

There is a small trick to optimizing battery life without turning Wi-Fi off. The trick is to employ your ‘Wi-Fi sleep policy.’ Go to ‘Setting’, then to ‘Wireless and Networks’, to ‘Wi-Fi settings’ and then ‘Wi-Fi sleep policy.’ When you press on this option, you will see additional three choices: ‘Never’, ‘Never when plugged in’ and ‘When screen is turned off’. ‘Never’ will always run your Wi-Fi, ‘Never when plugged in’ will activate your Wi-Fi only when you are not connected or plugged in, and the third option will turn off your Wi-Fi when on standby mode.

  1. Google Voice

Google voice will make your experience frustration-free. Instead of searching endlessly for what you are looking for, just voice-command your tablet and there you’ll have it. Increase your efficiency and user-experience. You can even visit websites on comment, open applications by uttering its name, send emails and call individuals. Press on the microphone icon to open Google Voice and commend to your heart’s wishes!

  1. Destroy limitations With Video Chat
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Who says your tablet can’t mimic your phone? With Fring you can call your family and friends, and even video chat with your front-facing camera – group chat with up to three people.

  1. Upgrade Your Tablet

Are you still attached to your old tablet? Did you know you could give it a new life? Rejuvenate your tablet and upgrade the operating system to a later version. Let’s start with the basics, go to your setting and check for system updates, you can easily upgrade from 3.1 to 3.2 for example.

You can even make drastic leaps by installing a custom updated ROM that goes with your tablet’s model. You might have to do some additional digging to match the right version of a ROM download with your manufacturer, but it will definitely be worth it at the end. If you are not tech savvy, contact professionals and get it done right, otherwise, if the software is incorrectly installed, your tablet may stop working entirely.

  1. Take screen shots!

We’ll let you figure out why this may come in handy; possibly to take a picture of a game score, a difficulty you are having with your phone you need help with, have a quote you want to save? We will let you decide.

For most tablets you can take screenshots by pressing on the power and volume keys at the same time, you should hear a shutter sound. Did nothing happen? Your model might have a different commend, try pressing home button and power button together.

As you can see, there are various hidden and not so hidden tricks you can employ to increase your user-experience. While the above mentioned list is most useful for tablet beginners, it’s always good to refresh your tablet skills whether you are a beginner or a veteran tablet user. Keep digging and mining for more tips and tricks to get the most of out your device!

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