How to create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy for 2018 ?

Content marketing represents the gap between what brands produce and what consumers actually want.” – Michael Brenner

Yeah…The Content Marketing is the hookup between the brand awareness and lead generation. Being the interface, the content marketing builds the relationship that builds familiarity, affinity and trust with the prospective customers by providing the information that vibrates- in the right format, through the appropriate channel, at the most accurate time.

And, without any pertinent strategy, nothing can work out. In order to reach to the niche of the content marketing strategy, you must have acknowledged yourself with the accurate content marketing strategy. And overall, each step is initiated with the Content”. One of the significant cruxes of the content marketing strategy is that it should initiate a “two-way conversation”. Publishing the article or writings is merely not the place where your job ends, but you should also trigger discussions and encourage the followers to comment.

What is the Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is an umbrella terminology, encompassing all the strategies and the approaches to fulfill the customer and business goals using the content across the customer journey and various business functions in a reliable, integrated and continuous way.

Now… the Content Marketing Strategy! It actually shows the way or technique how the content marketing can be accomplished with other marketing and customer and sales tactics. It is that line of attack that will be beneficial to the business or organization of each size and type. In 2015, it is the most prevailing and favorable technique to get your content and brand endorsed throughout the world.

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Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Need of Content Marketing Strategy in the business :

The content marketing is a concept that provides the valuable and ingenious information to the potential and the current customers. Therefore, it is necessitated to devise an appropriate plan or strategy before indulging it into your business or the organization.

Approaches to craft effective content marketing strategy:

  • Make your content qualitative and engaging:

Kick out the trash! Overflow of any constituent will significantly generate the adverse outcomes. If you think, content-flooding is a fruitful technique. Then, put a halt on it. The website having the rich less content is considered rather than the website infused with too much irrelevant content. The quality content helps the audience find you on Google and it will eventually raise your brand awareness among them.

  • Determine the type of the audience:

To make your content campaign successful, it is requisite to put yourself in the shoes of your prospects and customers. You need to start to think about their queries, concerns and “information gaps” that you can address on your website, via your blog in the video content.

  • Select the bewitching title:

Formulating an attractive title can be proved beneficial for your website. As the customer enters into your website, the very first element he notices is the “Headline”. It is the TITLE solely that decides if the customer sticks to that specific page or not. The title should be:

  1. Tempting
  2. Clearly readable and understandable
  3. A group of words that imparts the core meaning of the blog.
  • Don’t ignore SEO:

The content marketing is the promotional approach to endorse your brand throughout the world. Indeed, it has the capability to integrate the content along with social media and search. Along with the content marketing strategy, technical+non-technical SEO has equivalent significance.

Make sure that content is search-engine optimized in order to acquire the higher rank in Google searches. This will  drive the continuous viewership of the content and it proves valuable if the traffic is your goal. Focus on:

  1. Title
  2. Meta-tags
  3. Description
  4. ALT-Tags
  • Create an editorial calendar:

The content marketing is about nurturing customer relationships. And, every good content marketing program initiates with the circumspectly devised proactive editorial calendar. It is the execution plan for transforming the content into a cohesive story that your audience will love. Consistency in your content postings builds your authorship credibility and boosts the brand loyalty.

  • Make your social substratum resolute:

SOCIAL MEDIA… A sole channel that has seized the whole world in its fist. It’s like a “connective platform” which plays the pivotal role in integrating the brand and the audience. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, etc. are the social media rostrums on which you can build up more and more connections in order to lay the groundwork for potential sharing of your content.

  • Engage with people who are responding to your content:

Your job doesn’t end on publishing the content. In fact, your main task has initiated here, at this point. Don’t even try to forget to give the response to the client in the form of the comments or by some other way. Discussion is the best mode to make yourself acknowledged by the knowledge, which you are lacking. And, ofcourse, the knowledge is the sharable element. The more you share, more it has increased. So, reply and get higher number of clicks to your website.

  • Monitor the reactions online:

Along with the number of shares in the social media, it is also significant what the individuals say about it. Many tools are available online to monitor brand mentions, specific keywords and industry influencers.

This will clearly reveal you which piece of your content is working or not.

  • Measure your content marketing statistics:

An effectual content marketing program increases your sales and revenue. But, you have to make sure you track that and measure it within a specific span of time.

You can develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that is already associated with the business value of your content marketing strategy.


Acquire the quality-enriched results that assist you in establishing long-term trusted relationship with the current and future customers by regularly delivering the highest quality. It can strengthen your SEO and brand positioning also.

From the initial stage of building the foundation of your content marketing strategy to the ultimate tools and tactics, each and every step has the equivalent significance. Feel free to share some more tips in the form of your comments and discussion.

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