Best 15 online courses to learn internet marketing effectively

The following sites lead you to some good places you could learn exceptional skills to do internet marketing and research especially students that want to further their marketing skills. These sites offer unique content in-order to provide students with a leverage that will enable them breakthrough in the modern world of online marketing and business in general. The list includes:

University of Phoenix 

This is a link that will direct students to an undergraduate digital marketing certificate course ideally to acquaint them with areas that focus on web analytics for better sales and branding strategies, social media marketing, consumer behaviour, and search engine optimization.


Everest University

Students require computer skills even as they venture into online business endeavours. The institution offers a computer information science which provides business-oriented applications for use in the future at workplace. Knowledge imparted comprises systems development, business and accounting, operating systems, computer programming, computer networking fundamentals, and hardware. All these form very important elements of internet marketing.

Franklin University

World-class online marketing and entrepreneurial skills demand that students become well versed with excellent digital skills. Frank University offers prospective students an opportunity to train in an internet marketing degree program with one main focus being digital marketing. This is because modern businesses require that a proper integration of offline and online marketing strategies be developed. Digital marketing provides measurable results implying increased accountability to business returns. This is an important platform to grow skills in internet marketing and lead the future of e-commerce.

Dimension business institute

The mobile marketing course offered by this institute is mainly concerned with passing on quick skills to attendees in a workshop setting. Some of great insights attendees are able to learn include; learning local statistics and trends that are emerging with the mobile marketing space, building and maintaining an effective mobile marketing technique, effective mobile campaigns incorporating a quality mobile subscriber database management system etcetera.

GreatLakes Cyber Academy


This is a sight that focuses on students doing their pre-college education and need some online marketing skills. The business information system offered at the academy introduces students to various communications and information technologies. Essentially, the student is able to examine how IS assists in problem solving and making improved business decisions.


Cyber Education Academy is at the forefront to offer competitive and well tailored programmes to students locally and globally on an array of courses that form important facets of internet business and marketing research. For instant the iOS development of mobile applications equips future developers with skills on how to develop 2d games for iPad and iPhone. Beginners are able to learn the basics to multiple programming languages required to create mobile applications for Apple App products. Other important courses offered at this academy include PHP and internet marketing.

IBM academic initiative

Already a tech mogul in the computing and programming industry, IBM has designed a wonderful cloud computing course to attend to needs of cloud technologies for a competitive edge. Basics of cloud computing, building dynamic public/private/hybrid cloud applications and cloud infrastructure are some of the topics in the course teaching material.

Benedictine University

In partnership with MarketMotive, the university helps students learn up-to-date online skills, tactics, and channels even as graduates master important marketing tools needed to create outstanding marketing campaigns. A good area of concentration is social media marketing.

Online Marketing Institute

Digital and social media skills are significant for any online entrepreneurial venture. The institute has the following courses that develop online marketing strategies further; content marketing and SEO, digital advertising, social media, email marketing, and digital and integrated strategy. They form key topics to explore.

UCI Extension

The link gives details of an online certificate program with an array of benefits. Students get to learn online marketing strategies, integrating consumer browsing tendencies and key analytics to your online marketing objectives, SEM and SEO to increase traffic to a developed website etcetera. In order to earn a certificate, 6 required courses and 4 units of elective courses have to be completed.

Shaw Academy

For small amount of cash, the Shaw Academy students are able to learn an online marketing certification course. In 4 weeks and at their own pace, students learn how to become good online marketers through a 10 one-long hour modules. Topics such as Web design, development, SaaS advertisements, SEO and PPC are taught.

Export Academy 

This is for certification of e-business and internet marketing running from week one through week ten. Areas covered during this period include; social bookmarking, video and mobile marketing, social media marketing, and SEOs.

Students are provided with an internet marketing fundamentals courseware. It presents a great set of skills which help in online marketing of businesses and firms. Utilization of content to be marketed is also explored in this course.

Google Online Marketing Challenge

Google has gone an extra mile to launch and offer a digital marketing course, Online Marketing Challenge, with the package consisting of search engine marketing, search advertising, mobile, social, analytics, and video marketing

Market Motive

Being a leader in digital marketing, the site provides a rigorous web-based training. Areas of concentration include, SEOs, web analytics, Pay Per Click (PPC) technology, and conversion optimization.



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