Cost-effective Solutions for Starting Small Business

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When starting a small business all owners consider low-cost and effective solutions that can help their business grow and increase revenue. The biggest challenge for all small business is to manage the costs. But not all business owners know how to start and where to invest. There is an array of tools of which small businesses can take advantage.

  • CRM

CRM is probably one of the first tools that any business needs. It helps to manage your relationships with customers, track sales and follow leads in no time. Small businesses don’t really need expensive CRM software. Let’s take a look at the best CRM software for your business.


Pipedrive – perfect solution for small business with worldwide view.

Pipedrive is a multi-language CRM with the ultimate integration list. It is highly customizable, with API access for those who need it, and simple but intuitive report generation for those who don’t. It is the best CRM software on cost, integrations and language support.

  • Secure payment options

Small businesses need to be able to accept payments online and worldwide. And it’s a great advantage to have a reliable payment provider.
PayPal is one of the most well-known payment gateway providers, offering good worldwide coverage and reasonable rates. The PayPal brand goes a long way to install trust in your customers.
PayPal – the simplest and fastest payment gateway for small businesses.


  • Lead management

Automate the process of generating and nurturing leads and give your business a boost.



best lead management solution for small business. High scores on lead generation, CRM integration, basic analytics, email service and pricing. Its features include SEO optimization for websites and marketing, and integration with an array of CRM apps.

  • Live customer support

Good customer support is a cornerstone of any company.

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Zoho Support

perfect solution for small business. It offers great automation, customization and time tracking features with phone, live chat, social media responding and cost-effectiveness.

Of course, options for business are overwhelming. But small businesses don’t really need expensive software with a number of features that will be useless for them. With a small sales team and in order to stay on par with the competitors you should invest in software that meets your needs. Many business activities and processes are now automated and streamlined.All the tools above can help you boost your business and make it more effective. One more advantage – most of the products offer free trials, so you can try these tools before you buy.

Don’t waste your time! Start using cost-effective solutions to succeed!

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