10 Awesome Mobile Apps Equipped With Brilliant UI Design

Today, the trend of developing mobile apps has gained a lot of traction in the developer community. With hundreds and thousands of mobile apps being released every single day, it has become imperative for the designers and developers to pay special attention to the overall User Experience associated with their apps. The mobile devices are undergoing a consistent revolution in terms of design and performance. The inception of retina displays has boosted the need for building apps that can look stunning on different devices with retina displays and varying resolutions. It’s never unethical to grab inspiration from high quality mobile app designs because at times even the most affluent mobile app creators may fail in their initiative to build high-performing apps. In this post, I’ll be taking a closer look at some of the best quality mobile apps that are backed by an excellent UI design which plays a vital role in delivering a flawless user experience. So, let’s get to this list of mobile apps rightaway!


  1. 1.     ChowNow Tip

A remarkable online food ordering app, ChowNow Tip comes with a crisp design that is a complete bliss to the food lovers. ChowNow Tip allows the restaurant owner to take orders via the official website, mobile apps and the Facebook page. A blessing for the iPhone and Android device users, ChowNow Tip comes loaded with fully-functional management tools, making it convenient for the restaurant owner to update the menu, set the delivery time-zone and add specialties via the easy-to-use admin dashboard. So, if you’re looking ahead to manage your to-go business, ChowNow Tip is the mobile app that will offer you out-of-the-box ideas for your own app.

  1. 2.     Moodswings
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If mood tracking is on your mind, then using the Moodswings app will work for you. Backed by an intuitive user interface, this mobile app will allow you to monitor your daily mood irrespective of the time and your current location. Plus, you can use the app even for checking the way in which your neighbors are interpreting your different moods throughout the day. Dedicated to iPhone users, the Moodswings app is quickly becoming a boon for people who love analyzing their mental status while on a move.

  1. Mingle

As the name suggests, Mingle is a free social and professional networking app that comes with a contemporary interface. This app comes with public and private chat areas, allowing users to interact with each other in their preferred environment. Whether you’re interested in grabbing topic-related advises, shopping, travel, flirting, gossiping etc. Mingle is the app that will allow you to connect with people who have similar interests as yours. More than a mobile app, Mingle serves as a social platform that is 100% free and easily available on Android, iPhone and the World Wide Web.

  1. I Do Lists

 As a yet another simple, clean and highly intuitive mobile app, I Do Lists can be easily spotted in multiple app stores. Unlike other ‘To Do’ apps, I Do Lists has been designed keeping the optimum efficiency point in mind. That means, the app is not only suitable for creating shopping lists or simple to-dos, but it even works wonders for a range of complex lists. An additional feature available with this app is that it allows you to share your lists via SMS or email. Plus, you are even free to add multiple list items, followed by re-organizing them quickly. A user just needs to tap and hold for highlighting the top priority items within a particular list.

  1. Jet Lag
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 A common experience among frequent travelers, Jet Lag is something which if not handled seriously can easily ruin the fun and excitement element of an entire vacation. To help you combat all the adverse symptoms of a Jet Lag, there is an app with the same app that’s available on the App Store. Jet Lag is a mobile app which is suitable for both, children and adults. It allows you to restore your sleeping pattern in a simple and hassle-free way. The convenience of exporting the Jet Lag app advises to your iPhone calendar works as the best technique of using your device for reducing the negative symptoms and after-effects of a jet lag.

  1. Mountain High

 As a fabulous mobile for enriching your snowboard and ski experience, Mountain High comes with a visual trail map and GPS support. You can use the app for identifying yours as well as your friends’ current location, the live weather conditions prevalent in different areas, live webcams, daily resort video reports etc. Additionally, the app even allows you to use features like live social interaction, check ins’ and friend finder so as to keep your mountaineering experience smooth and pleasurable. You can check in your exact location at a mountain and keep a good track of the total number of days that you ride.

  1. Snapguide

 A simple app to create scintillating how-to guides, recipes, fashion ideas, tech tips and tricks, life hacks etc., Snapguide comes with a never-seen-before user interface. Recently, re-introduced with a completely refurbished iPad experience, Snapguide is a mobile app that allows you to personalize your experience on the basis of specific interests. Available in a variety of languages including English, Dutch, French, Polish, Spanish etc. Snapguide is the app that satisfies your urge for creating a truly amazing how-to guide.

  1. Calvetica
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 Serving as the fastest calendar for iPhone and iPad, Caventica allows you to have a quick glance at all the events scheduled for a specific week or a single day. The two-step process of adding a new event makes Calvetica one of the fastest calendar apps for the iPhone and iPad. With an un-cluttered and minimalist user interface, Calventica easily syncs with the iPhone’s built-in calendar.

  1. Camera Genius

 As an iPhone app, Camera Genius is a camera application that comes with handy picture editing tools, focus and exposure features and effective social networking features. With a neat and clean UI design, Camera Genius is loaded with high-end features including: zoom, DSLR interface, a photography manual, an Anti-shake feature to eliminate blurry photos and many more.

  1. Meernotes

As a yet another interesting To-Do list app, Meernotes has an interface that makes it look and feel like a notebook in the pocket. Some of the best features available with Meernotes app include: DropBox Export/Import, Handwritten or Typset fonts, Evernote Export, beautiful page turn animations, flexibility to email notes or complete notebooks, Camera+ integration, Passcode and many more.


User Experience is a hard-to-ignore asset of a mobile app and thanks to the available of top-notch UI(User Interface) designs, it has become feasible to crate apps that are a complete breeze to use. Hope the above list of best UI-loaded mobile apps would turn handy, the next time you’re set to execute your app development project.

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