5 Major Strategies to Prevent Cyber Crime through Expense Management Software

As businesses tend to go big they begin to store more of confidential information and data in the cloud services, the need for having more secured practices and strategies tend to become clear. And with more than 30,000 companies being hacked each and every day there is no wonder that cybercrime has been ranked one among the top five risks the business organizations face.

No matter what is the size of your organization you could be one of the targets for cybercrime. The techniques cybercrimes generally use in order to make an interesting read the better are the ways organizations could protect themselves. Given below are the five major ideas and strategies that would help you to prevent cybercrime through expense management system.

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Having separate business and personal accounts: You could begin protecting the organization by separating your business and personal accounts separately. Individuals who have a small business begin to use their personal funds where as they should be avoiding doing this. You could have a separate bank account created for your business, for your credit cards and the charge amounts. Doing this would not just help you track the income making your expenses easier, but would also keep away your personal assets from those who could easily attack your business.

Having a recovery plan for your business: If you have been maintaining a business from a longer period of time then chances are there that you would face the time when your computer system has been compromised. Having a plan for your business would help you moving forward in an event of a cyber-attack enhancing the culture of your security.

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Having friends with a forward button in your email program: If you have come across a spoofed email where the name tends to be the same, and the email address belongs to someone else then this is something that generally points towards cybercrime. Forwarding an email would generally require to enter the recipient’s name which would then select the right email address of the concerned person and not the spoofed email address. This generally would then send the mail to the cybercrime and is considered to be more complex enough than by simply pressing reply or reply all and is a spoofer’s nightmare.

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Having more than one dedicated computers: Do make sure that your systems are locked down and are used only for the official work of the organization. Locked down process would limit the applications and websites that a machine could actually access.  Though there are administrative controls that are being used in order to prevent the software from being installed, the computer must be turned off when not in use. Doing this makes it difficult to get all the work done when it comes to cybercrimes limiting their exposures to the internet dangers.

Insuring yourself or say the organization: Cyber-attacks are something that continue to happen and retailers are going to continue spending more protecting themselves. Organizations need to have an insurance done when it comes to cybercrimes so that when anything worse happens they are able to deal with it says Mr Katz The cyber insurance marketer.

To conclude choosing the right expense management would not just empower the employees and the executives to establish the policies of the organizations, but could thwart cybercrime offering an accountability for the overall spending and analysis of the amount being spent. There are many risks involved while operating a small business, do not let these cybercrimes to be one major reason of achieving your business goals.

Shivli Ratul is a freelancer and has experience of over 5 years in expense and travel management softwares.She has in-depth knowledge about managing travel and different type expenses incurred in business.she writes about online expense management software as a freelancer.

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