What is Web Hosting and why does your website need it?

Yesterday, I met my childhood friend who’s just started his restaurant business. He came to me for guidance as he wanted to get a website for promoting his business online.

I told him that just like he first searched for a suitable place to start his restaurant, then had furniture set-up, got all necessary licenses issued, similarly, there are few things that he’ll need to have his website.

First basic thing is he needs to buy domain name, then create his website and most importantly get a web hosting plan for it from a good web hosting provider.

Web hosting is the most basic and important step and just as a place is needed to start a restaurant, similarly space is needed by a website somewhere (i.e. on a web-host’s server) to store all the things it is made of – its files and database.

How web hosting works?

When any web user wants to surf a website and type its URL in his browser, a request from his computer is sent to the server on which that particular website’s files are stored. Then the web hosting server responds and sends the requested website files on his computer.

Once the server delivers all the required files, web-user can access his favorite website.

Why your website needs web hosting?

There are many reasons why you should go for web hosting from a good web hosting company:

1)      Buying web hosting from a company is a cost-effective way to make your website accessible to rest of the world. Having your own server  for a website that you have just created is not efficient use of your money as server requires lot of maintenance and upkeep. So web hosting helps you save your money.

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What is Web Hosting and why does your website need it? 1

2)      Your website must be all-time available to visitors. Most web hosting companies give 100% up-time support to your website.

3)      Some good web hosting companies, like ZNetLive also provide some additional features to their customers along with their web hosting plans. For example, free domain name, email-spam protection, SSL certificate, hacking protection, SSD caching, Google AdWords credit etc.

4)      You should have your site-backup to deal with any kind of calamity. Web hosting company can provide you the back-up files of your website depending upon the plan you are on.

There are a number of web hosting companies in India which can provide you complete resources for your website. However, you need to choose your web hosting company very carefully depending upon certain criteria, like pricing structure, technical specifications, security measures provided by the web hos, free value added services offered, reviews and after properly comparing it with other companies in the market.

I will personally recommend ZNetLive as it is a great web hosting provider and has been providing quality services and dedicated support since 2001.

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