[Infographic] How to Organize your Writing Workplace: Cheat Sheet


What can make you productive and your work effective? Every person has their own answer to this question, because we all are different and surrounding influences us differently, too. However, there is one universal detail to care about if you want to succeed:

Your workplace.

No matter what your work is: writing, design, IT, marketing,  etc. – they all demand a workplace to boost inspiration and productivity, or influence work effectiveness by employees mood and health. Do you know how to organize it right?

The following infographic about a writing cabinet organization has made it for you: it is meant for writers but its tips work for everyone who works from home or has a confining job. Find out how to choose a computer for effective work, what items to have on a writing desk to boost productivity, how to organize a cabinet itself to waken your brains activity, and much more.

Source : OmniPapers


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