“WhichPhone” Tool by Google to Choose Which Android Phone to Buy

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If you are deciding, which Android smartphone to buy can be a challenge since there are so many options. That’s why Google launched a new tool called “Which Phone.” By answering a few questions about how you want to use the Android phone, Google will recommend a model that is right for you.

It is US-oriented but may prove useful, to help cut down the options and throw up a few example models you might have overlooked.

Presented with a series of choices, you filter your way through to the final results set. First things first, you have to choose three main uses for your phone.

You can choose at least three types of tasks that you need from a phone from the 12 listed categories which include ‘taking photos, listening to music, being productive, social media, gaming, watching videos, being on the go, staying fit, texting & instant messaging, talking, web browsing, and expressing my style’.


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