Check 3 Big Changes to Google AdWords MCC interface

Google has added a Campaigns tab to manager accounts (MCCs) in AdWords. Instead of having to navigate in and out of separate accounts, you can now review and make certain edits to campaigns across accounts at the manager account level.


An AWords manager account is a powerful tool for monitoring and managing multiple accounts. To help save you time and provide more visibility into account performance.

Now MCC account holders can do campaign management and reporting across their accounts. Google announced a total of three changes to the AdWords MCC interface; (1) cross-account campaign management, (2) powerful reporting tools, and (3) improved account navigation.

(1) Cross Account Campaign Management

There is now a new “Campaigns” view to the manager account dashboard where you can add columns, apply segments, and set filters to report on campaign performance for up to 20 selected accounts. You can also take action by quickly updating daily budgets and enabling or pausing your campaigns across those accounts. You can also create a new campaign for any individual account right from your manager account.



(2) Better Reporting for MCC:

The data in the MCC reports is now updates as quickly as the normal reports. Plus you can go beyond 90 days of data. Google also added a new dropdown to help you refine your dashboard to only show performance data across directly linked sub-manager and individual accounts, all linked sub-manager and individual accounts, or all linked individual accounts.



(3) Quick Account Jumper Tool:

You can now search for or select the manager account or individual account you want to jump to by expanding the dropdown at the top of your AdWords account.

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Adwords team also stated that :

New enhancements, new name

To simplify our naming convention and align with these new enhancements, we’ll no longer use “My Client Center” and “MCC” to refer to AdWords manager accounts. Throughout the year, you’ll see these changes reflected across the AdWords Help Center and in our future communications.


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