3 Common Pitfalls to Look Out for in a Cell Phone Monitoring App

Looking for a good monitoring app for your children can be a frustrating process, simply because there are so many scams out there. There are probably hundreds of apps out there that claim to be efficient parental controls, but end up slowing down your device or not doing what they advertise. So, here are 3 common pitfalls that you need to look out for when buying a cell phone monitoring app:

Installation is Wireless

There is no way you can remotely install a monitoring app onto a device. Any app that claims that it can be installed through Bluetooth or USB is probably a scam. For a parental control to work properly, it has to be physically installed.

No Customer Support

Another telltale sign for a fake monitoring app is the customer support or lack thereof. A proper one will have a live customer support to help you through installation, questions and other general troubleshooting. One that offers no such facility is one to be stayed away from.

App is Free

A parental control app is usually not a one-purpose software. This means that it has lots of features, all of which serve a different purpose. There is a lot of programming that goes into it and a lot of backup that comes with storing data required. So, a good monitoring app, unfortunately won’t be free.

Which App to Go For?

Look for apps that let you test its performance and offers a refund if it doesn’t work as you intended it to. TrackMyFone is a reliable parental cell phone monitoring app that offers a refund to customer within 10 days of purchase if it doesn’t work to their satisfaction. It also has a 24/7 customer support that provide personalized help for any problem you might be facing. It also has plenty of features that help you monitor different aspects of your child’s phone, such as their GPS location, text messages, browser history and call logs. It is available for $7.49 and has many other pricing packages available. And the best part is that it works exactly as it advertises.

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