Google AdWords Policy Update – Change to Unsupported Content Policy

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google-adwords-red2-fade-1920-techblogcornerLuckily, some good news for brands and consumers concerning download sites came out on Monday.I got the Email regarding Change to Unsupported Content Policy from Google Adwords team for Advertisers  If you advertise free desktop software.

Here is the Update below :


Dear AdWords Advertiser,

We’re writing to let you know about a change to Google’s advertising policies that might affect your AdWords account.

In late April, the Google AdWords Unsupported Content policy was changed to include additional requirements related to free desktop software downloads. If you don’t promote free desktop software, this change shouldn’t impact you.

You won’t be allowed to promote free desktop software, unless the ad explicitly names the software promoted and leads to the designated primary distribution source for the software.

What you can do:
If you advertise free desktop software, please ensure that your ads and landing pages meet the following standards:
– The ad includes the promoted software’s name
– The ad directs to a landing page on the site designated as the software’s primary distribution source

Google will be providing software developers an opportunity to designate their primary distribution source for use with these ads.

You can find more details at


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  • Hi, plz see my problem and help for adwords
    My website has been suspend and Ad got disapproved. I am using ads on same website from 2.3 year. When I see the reason it is mentioned “Unsupported content:Free desktop software. But I am not using any desktop software. What mean Unsupported content. plz help me what i should do? I am not understanding plz solve my problem. How i fix?