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Do you like technology and design? Well, there is a new start-up that I came across called GadgetBox and it aims to bring the latest innovative tech/design products right to your doorsteps! GadgetBox aims to change the way you interact with technology and it is essentially a subscription service that sends you a handful of technology/design gadgets/products on either a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis (depending on which subscription plan you register for on the website). But these tech/design products are no ordinary tech products; instead they are primarily developed by passionate entrepreneurs. What this means is that the tech/design products can be things that you have never seen before! Or something you only saw in a picture! The products that you get can be anything from wireless sound-proof headphones to mood-sensitive lighting—the possibilities are endless. And the best part is that the price you pay is much cheaper than the combined worth of all the products. That’s incredible!

 As of now GadgetBox is in its final development stages and plans to launch in June of 2015. However, you do have a chance to get a sample of GadgetBox’s subscription boxes before they launch by signing up on their email list right here:—basically it is similar to a pre-order. I mentioned some of the gadgets you might receive beforehand, but let me list a few more: a smart charger that speeds up the rate at which your phone charges, wireless speakers, smart pens, unique wood carved keyboards, and so on. Given that a many of GadgetBox’s products come from partnering with innovative entrepreneurs, they will have an ongoing inventory of innovative tech/design gadgets that constantly changes as the weeks and months go by.

If you would like to sign up for GadgetBox and receive some of this amazing and unique technology & design gadgets, you can subscribe to the service for as low as $25/month. And if you are an entrepreneur like me, who is interested in partnering with GadgetBox, then I have some great news for you—GadgetBox gives entrepreneurs a commission and free product  exposure if they do decide to partner and register their products with GadgetBox!


I am extremely excited for GadgetBox’s launch and you should be too—especially all you techies out there! What better way to be up to date with the latest tech and design products?

As of now, the GadgetBox website is undergoing some final revisions and testing but you can still check it out at and if you want to help take GadgetBox to the next level, you can do so by contributing to their Indiegogo Crowd-Funding campaign over here:

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