How to Use the New Change of Address Tool by Google Webmaster

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Google Webmaster Team members are developing something new very frequently, This time they are coming up with Change of address Tool. People will have to use this tool if they are keen to move their website to new website address ( e.g If I want to move to or you can now also transfer your Subdomain to any subdomain ( to

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A change of address notifies Google about the new URLs for your existing content, so that we can update our index to reflect the new domain for your pages. This updated index status remains in effect for 180 days, by which time Googlebot will have crawled and indexed the pages at the new address.

The change of address tool is safe, because only verified site owners can use it. You can check the tool at any time to see the information provided to Google about your domains.


Before you request an address change

Prepare for you address change as follows:

  1. Complete the actual content migration first.
    Read our guidelines on moving a site with URL changes and make sure to complete key steps before submitting a change of address request.
    Note: If you do not first set up 301-redirect directives, your change of address request will not work.
  2. Add and verify your new site with Webmaster Tools.
    The first step in submitting a change of address request involves selecting your new site from a list, so make sure Webmaster Tools knows about your site.

    Make sure you specify all relevant preferences for your new domain that you set for your old site, including a preferred domain, geographical preferences, and any crawl rate adjustments you might have made.
  3. Request an address change.
    Use the Change of address tool when your site move entails a domain or subdomain change, such as changing from to or
  4. Note: The tool does not currently support the following kinds of site moves: subdomain name changes, protocol changes (from HTTP to HTTPS), or path-only changes.


 Source: Google Webmaster Help 


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