New Upgraded URLs structure by Google Adwords

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Today, ad and keyword tracking in AdWords relies on a destination URL that contains a landing page URL and tracking parameters. Upgraded URLs offer a simpler way to manage these tracking details, letting you manage shared tracking templates at the account and ad group levels. You’ll also use two new fields to manage your ad URL and tracking information:

  • One field for your ad’s final landing page URL
  • One field for tracking template parameters

If you don’t use URL tracking: We’ll automatically upgrade your URLs in July by copying your current destination URLs to the new final URL field for all ads and keywords. Your AdWords report columns will update to reflect these changes.

If you use URL tracking: We recommend that you upgrade your URLs with help from our guide before July 1st. Otherwise, we’ll automatically upgrade your URLs starting in July. Your AdWords report columns will update to reflect these changes. Also, the {copy} ValueTrack parameter will be removed in the near future. Lastly, if you use a third-party campaign management service, we recommend that you work with your provider to upgrade your URLs.


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