Facebook’s LiveRail now support display ads in mobile apps


Facebook Developers blog announced that “they are now giving us a feature of more accurate people-based targeting for more exact right way of business or marketing”.

Mark Edwards  from Facebook announced :

Today, we’re announcing that we’re going further. At Facebook, we are in the business of growing your business, and publishers have told us they want better ways to manage their advertising operations, optimize their advertising to generate the most revenue, and provide people with ads that don’t detract from the overall experiences with their apps.

To meet these needs, LiveRail—our technology platform for powering publishers’ video businesses— will now support display ads in mobile apps. LiveRail will also be able to tap into Facebook’s anonymized people-based demographic information to help publishers more accurately target and serve their impressions.

LiveRail will power native ad formats as well as standard display placements like interstitials and banners. The Audience Network, with its high performing native ad format and access to 2 million Facebook advertisers, is tightly integrated into this platform.



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