Why New AdWords Tools and Features Will Change Your Life

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As we are already aware the fact, that Google has been making some lot of quick and effective changes in the Google Ad words in starting of 2015. So I thought it is very difficult for many marketers to club all this updates till now in 2015 at one place  ( which is your own loving blog So here is below some new updates from Google adwords which help marketers to take some edge for their campaigns to perform well for business and to enhance their own skills with this super feature launched y Google adwords :

1)    Ad Customizers:

Ad customizers are a new AdWords technology that enables you to adapt the text in your text ads, based on the user’s search query.

Creating Urgency With Limited Time Offers

For example, you’ll see an ad customizer in a countdown. Imagine you’re a retailer using a limited time offer to create a sense of urgency to convert. You want your ads to say something like, “Hurry, the sale ends in X days,” where X equals the difference between today and whenever the sale ends.

In came ad customizers, a new dynamic ad parameter.


In writing the ad in the screen shot above, I just entered that curly brace and then ‘equals,’ enabling me to enter some syntax around when I want to end this sale. Then, the actual value of that text will be automatically inserted by the AdWords platform, depending when the person does the search.

2)    Callout Extensions :

They’re very similar to site link extensions, with the one big difference: there is no link. You can’t click on those things to navigate to some page.





3)    Call Tracking :


when people land on your website from search ads, the number on your website dynamically becomes a forwarding number so you can track how many of the calls that came through to your business were referred by AdWords.



4)    App Promotion Ads :

Google is now focusing on more mobile site and mobile apps rather than focusing on desktop version of the website. This is because most of the people are spending up more time on the mobile apps than desktop site.

Google is seeing these trends, as well, so they decided to roll out a lot of nice marketing tools for companies who have their own apps.

app reengagement-adwords-tools-13-techblogcorner

I can install the Expedia Hotel app or the Hotel Tonight app, just by clicking those buttons in the search result. These app promotion ads are not just in Google search, either – you can get them on display ads, as well.  They can show up in YouTube or anywhere else on the Google Display Network.

There is another one more good feature there in this context which is called “app reengagement tool”. An app reengagement ad allows you to deep-link into an app. Instead of sending your mobile traffic to a landing page on your website, you can use the app reengagement ad to send traffic to a specific page within your app.


5)    Demographic Targeting Ads :

This feature is same like Facebook and twitter for targeting certain section of audience and you will get to know who are clicking on your website. This is only working in the Google Display Network, you can target users on the basis of these matrices like age, income & marital status etc.

-Demographics in adwords-tools-14-760x236techblogcorner

This allows you to understand the demographics of the people who are engaging with your ads, but is also a bit of an optimization tool. You can then use this data and say, “I would only like to show this set of ads to parents.”

6)    Revamped Google Web Designer For HTML5 Ads :

Google has a new tool that will allow you to create these nice, rich, interactive, animated ads in HTML5. Think of how people used to create ads in Adobe Flash – except no one really does that anymore, because Flash is not supported on mobile browsers.

But HTML5 is.

You can create the same kind of animated image ads on HTML5, optimized for both desktop and mobile.

Google created a real cool editor to help you do this. So why should you care about HTML5 in your display ads on the Google Display Network?


Interestingly, there’s also no text limit on image ads on the GDN. In text ads, of course, you’re constrained 120 characters total, or so. Also, in Facebook advertising, there’s a limit that says you can’t have more than 20% text on your ads, but there’s no such limitation on the Google Display Network.

Use Google Web Designer to creative these interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics.


7)    Google AdWords Editor :

Last but not the least, we have Google adwords editor in our plate of the post session of adwords update.

You can download thousands of accounts all at the same time, rather than going one by one in AdWords.


This post originally appeared on SearchEgnineJournal, and is re-published here.



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