Top 10 Mobile Phone Accessories

Sometimes it is not all about your phone, but the cool gadgets and accessories that add some more fun and better functionality to the device. In this year’s Phone World Congress there were some fantastic phone accessories, which ranged from playful to powerful. From Android powered media centre & wireless pet tracker, to Bluetooth pens which add NFC to devices.

Below are the top 10 mobile phone accessories.

1. Antenna Booster
Antenna booster basically works on almost all phones and will enhance the signal up to 5 times. It’s the best phone accessory for anybody who works or lives in low signal areas.


2. Long Lasting Batteries
If you are fed up of always recharging the battery every 5 hours, then it is probably time you invested in a long lasting and a lighter battery. Keeping a good spare battery near is recommended. You may keep one battery for the personal calls and another for business calls.

3. Mobile Rapid Charger
It is a great idea to put a battery charger inside the vehicle in case you happen to forget to recharge your cell at home. With a Rapid Charger, you may charge the battery from completely empty to totally full in just 2 hours. This charger comes with I/C chip, that prevents battery from overcharging. Mobile rapid chargers are the ideal accessories for individuals who spend lots of their time talking to clients or on the road.

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4. Hands Free Kit
Hands Free Kits provide an easy and safe way of using your cell phone in the car. These kits provide power to the phone from the vehicle’s battery, they charge your cell phone’s battery, and they include a microphone which ensures an easy hands free use.

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5. Hands Free Earpieces
With the legislature getting passed and making it a crime to drive while using a cell phone without hands free devices, now is the best time to purchase one. The hands free earpieces allow users to chat on their wireless phones without using their hands. A small earpiece will allow you to talk and walk freely, complete your tasks easily while still using the cell phone, and even drive safely. The earpieces will let you hear the callers clearly with perfect reception, while the high quality microphone will allow your callers to hear you very clearly.

6. Genuine Leather Case
A genuine leather case is basically designed to provide protection for your phone and comes with a carrying strap, a built in belt clip, & a plastic cover so as to protect the keypads from any wear and tear. The case’s thick interior will prevent your phone from accidental damages and the elastic sides will allow for a good fit and an easy removal.

7. Magnetic Amplified Antenna
You can give your phone that extra boost whenever you are faced with a weak signal. The magnetic mount will make it easy to keep an antenna inside your car, office or home.

8. Belt Clips
A belt clip is great because it allows users to comfortably sit and move with their cell phones securely fastened to their belts, while giving them easy access each time they take calls. With the belt clip, you do not have to be worried about losing the phone since it comes well equipped with the locking mechanism.


9. The Hand
The palm holder will add a unique, jazzy appearance to your office or home desk. It is a stylish cell phone holder which actually alerts the user of any incoming calls with a brilliant disco light show prior to the phone’s actual ring.

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10. Vibrating Belt Clip
The belt clip comes well equipped with vibrating calls alert mode. It is great if you are in a meeting or in a movie theatre & you do not wish to cause any disruption. With the Vibrating belt clip, you’ll prolong the phone’s battery since the vibration mode on phones usually drains the battery. When you buy the vibrating belt clip, you will never miss a single call and you will not have to ever worry about draining the battery prematurely.
All of these accessories are definitely worth considering however some will only work with certain phones and as we know, phones aren’t cheap. These days though, rather than go for a mobile phone contract, many consumers are now buying a phone on finance and then getting a sim-only contract. This means that when they’re sick of a their current phone they can sell it and get another one. compare a range of finance options including buy now pay later mobile phone deals and spread the cost.


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