Report: eBay launches high-end auctions with Sotheby’s

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eBay is today launching a new area of its website built specifically for the auction house Sotheby’s. The section provides a much cleaner and more informative experience than you’d find elsewhere on the site and allows visitors to register for online access to live auctions.

Reason behind this :

  1. eBay wants expensive auctions, Sotheby’s wants access to millions of potential bidders.
  2. eBay and Sotheby’s partnered over a decade ago and failed.

The intention, from both eBay and Sotheby’s, is to make high-end auctions accessible to a broader audience. Sotheby’s already offers online bidding through its own site, but its site is more likely to be used by people who feel comfortable in that high-end world. eBay, on the other hand, has 155 million active buyers who it can introduce these auctions to.


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