Be Prepared SEO’s: On April 21st,2015 Mobile-Friendly Factors To Search Ranking will be announced by Google

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Google’s mobile ranking algorithm will officially include mobile-friendly usability factors and app indexing. Making sure your site is mobile-friendly is now more important than ever.

First time they actually pre-announced an algorithm release with a specific date, Google announced mobile-friendly is becoming a ranking factor in the mobile search results in the near future. Google said it will happen on April 21, 2015.

If you’re a webmaster, you can make sure you have a mobile-friendly site by checking out the developer guide, testing your own pages using the Mobile-Friendly Test, and grabbing a full list of mobile usability issues across your site using the Mobile Usability Report. Even if you don’t care about SEO, you’ll probably want to do this, as it will improve your site’s performance.











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