UAE Embraces Drone Delivery

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It looks like 2015 will be an exciting year for technology. Not least as Amazon and Google are busy working on making deliveries possible with drones. Almost every other company is trying to expand their horizons in the field of technology to improve their delivery propositions to residential customers. The use of drones is considered a potential solution to the most expensive element of the delivery journey, the ‘final mile’.

Recently, the government of United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced that they are developing drones in order to make timed delivery possible for all official document for its citizens. If successful drones could deliver documents such as driving license and ID cards.

Designer Abdulrahman Alserkal said: “The drones will incorporate fingerprint and eye-recognition security systems to help ensure deliveries arrive securely safely and intact. The battery-powered unmanned aircraft system has four rotors and is about half a metre across> It incorporates a bay located at the top of the quadcopter to hold the important cargo.”

UAE Embraces Drone Delivery


Currently, it looks like a challenge for drones to deliver the highly important documents to the citizens of UAE across seven Emirates states because Dubai specially, is known for its high rise buildings and eye popping infrastructure. But it is also true that the UAE has been prolific at making the seemingly impossible, possible. Amazon and Google for example have run into difficulties testing their prototype drones while airspace authorities have placed restrictions on drone use, particularly in residential areas.

According to UAE authorities, the drone project will be live in October 2015 and all official documents will be delivered by drones by the end of 2016. UAE Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Mohammed al-Gergawi, described this project as ‘the first project of its kind in the world.’

Currently, the government of UAE is testing the drone service in Dubai and will continue its testing for the next six months test drone performance in the oppressive heat and sand stormy conditions common to the region the government plans to government to launch this service from Dubai followed by Sharjah.

While most of the citizens are in favour of the drones, there are many who think otherwise. Critics have argued that delivering official documents through drones can lead to the misuse of this service and incorrect delivery by drones would lead them to serious implications.

Trend of Drones

Besides Amazon and Google, lots of other companies are also developing drones for faster and reliable deliveries. It will be interesting to see how drones will affect international parcel deliveries in the long run. Are drones only likely to be ‘local’ or is the future international drone delivery? While there are many bridges to cross, including safety and security issues, the parcel delivery industry and numerous parcel delivery companies will be keeping an eye on Amazon, Google, and now, the UAE.

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