Google Drive : Now Add miniature charts or sparklines into individual cells in Sheets

Google Drive,Creates a miniature chart contained within a single cell. Here is official announcement by Google Drive team.

Sample Usage:




SPARKLINE(A1:A5, {"charttype","column"; "axis", true; "axiscolor", "red"})


SPARKLINE(data, [options])

  • data – The range or array containing the data to plot.
  • options – [ OPTIONAL ] – A range or array of optional settings and associated values used to customize the chart.
    • If referencing a range, options should be two cells wide where the first cell is the option and the second cell is the value that option is set to.
    • The "charttype" option defines the type of chart to plot, which includes:
      • "line" for a line graph (the default)
      • "bar" for a stacked bar chart
      • "column" for a column chart
      • "winloss" for a special type of column chart that plots 2 possible outcomes: positive and negative (like a coin toss, heads or tails).


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Read more about this here

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