Facebook Exchange(FBX), a real-time bidding ad system for Advertisers


Facebook is trying and will soon dispatch Facebook Exchange, a continuous offering promotion framework where guests to outsider sites are stamped with a treat, and can then be indicated ongoing offer advertisements identified with their web skimming when they come back to Facebook. Facebook Exchange helps advanced advertisers reach website visitors with dynamic adverts when they visit Facebook on desktop.This retargeting choice could be a gigantic cash creator for Facebook as it will take into consideration more applicable immediate publicizing.

Facebook launched FBX – the first-ever social media real-time bidding (RTB) ad exchange – in June 2012 to let advertisers buy Facebook ad inventory that retargets users based on their past online browsing history.


Facebook Exchange benefits

  • Scale: Over 1 billion active users globally, over 24 million average daily users in the UK across both desktop and mobile
  • Volume: 1 billion daily impressions served (December 2012)
  • Optimal objective: Campaigns with direct response objectives off Facebook
  • Formats: Facebook domain ads driving off of Facebook or Page post ads
  • Placements: Right column of Facebook and News Feed
  • Impression view tags: Approved view tag providers only
  • Exchange access: Approved demand side platforms (DSPs) and trading desks


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