All about Google Analytics Treemaps for Adwords Reporting


Google mentioned on Google+ on the Google Analytics account, that a replacement AdWords reportage feature named Treemaps is coming back to the computer code.

Treemaps guarantees to supply AdWords advertisers faster insights into the performance of their ads. Google same these Treemaps can alter you to “visually determine trends and hassle spots across your account with speed and insight that you just don’t have once watching numbers alone.” they are doing this by displaying “hierarchical information exploitation nested rectangles, showing positive ends up in inexperienced, and insulating material ends up in red, dashing up your call method,” Google superimposed.

What is Treemap : 

Treemapping, in the ever-updating words of Wikipedia, is “a method for displaying hierarchical data by using nested rectangles.”

Nested rectangles, you guys. NESTED RECTANGLES! (I think it’s a sign that I’ve found the right career path when the previous sentence gets me excited.)

Liquid Web Managed Word Press

In case you don’t share my immediate enthusiasm for nested rectangles, here’s why you should care about Treemaps: you can identify trends and trouble spots across your account with speed and insight that you don’t have when looking at numbers alone.

Treemaps also serve as an awesome hypothesis-generation tool — spend ten minutes in this report, and you can understand your account like never before. What are the relative levels of importance of different areas of your account? Are there things that you care too much about, or things that you’ve overlooked?

Before we dive in, just a couple of things that you should be aware of when working with Treemaps:

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The surface area of your rectangles represents the volume of whatever primary metric you select the green-to-red overlay represents whichever secondary metric you select in your account as stoplights have taught us, green is good and red is bad. Thus, for metrics where a high number is good (like click-through rate) you’ll see higher numbers in green; for metrics where a high number is bad (like bounce rate) you’ll see higher numbers in red.

If you have multiple accounts linked to your Google Analytics account, Treemaps will default to showing accounts. If you just have one account linked, then the default will be campaigns.


You can drill down by clicking on your accounts/campaigns in the report (and then get back to a higher view with a breadcrumb trail above the report)

Without further ado, let’s get to some specific reports that you should run to get to know (and love) the nested-rectangley goodness of Treemaps.

Cost Vs. E-Commerce Conversion Rate
It’s immediately apparent where your conversion rates are higher in those green boxes.

 Cost vs ecommerce report- treemaps-google analytics

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