India’s Smartphone Market – Growth Opportunities (infographic)

Here in India it is been seen that many of the new Chinese and Indian Smartphone brands have entered here in the Indian markets as a result of which the competition has become very tough.These new brands have targeted the E-Commerce sites in order to sell their products and have received a great response.

When these domestic brands came up in the markets the Smartphone market was dominated mostly by Samsung so they came up with a new concept of Android one Program and kept lower prices for their Smartphone with better features. All of this was possible for them because they had a better understanding for the Indian Smartphone market that a large proportion of the Smartphone buyers here in India are cost precautious when it comes to buying a Smartphone.

But the opportunities for Global or Foreign manufactures are also very high it is also seen here in India that many people buy a Smartphone by looking at brand label of the Smartphone and the iPhone 6 sale here in India has revealed all this. Here the Indians were very much interested about the successor of the iPhone 5s the iPhone 6. In simple words we can simply say that India is that country where the people are the Gadget lovers.

It is made very clear that the opportunities for both the domestic as well as the Global or Foreign Smartphone Manufacturers are very vast here in India. But at the present scenario of 2014 the Domestic brands are found dominating here in the Indian Markets.

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