How to Remove Your Pen Drive Virus/USB Virus

Many of us care less about the status of the computers  we insert our pen-drives in. if you happen to insert your pen drive in an infected computer, then insert it to another computer that was initially clean, it might catch the virus as well. This type of virus called pen-drive or USB virus is a kind of Trojan that gets a computer infected through removable drives. It gets many files created on the hard-drive which is infected. The files are then stored in folder names as well as the valid file. When you system is infected by this type of virus, you will find that some files appear and disappear with no reason. If you are having such problem, you may contact a company for remote computer support or follow my procedure below to see if you can fix it by yourself.

As a user you will have to insert the pen drive that is containing the virus in the computer’s USB port and wait. If any dialog box pops up, you have to cancel it. Ensure that you have not double clicked on the USB drive to open it. Just click the computer icon on your screen, select the option tools and then choose folder option from the menu bar and view. Select the button hidden files and folders. Here, you have to uncheck the box for hide extension for known files, and hide protected OS files .incase you get a warning message just click ok, and then save the changes made by clicking on apply button and then ok. Remember if you have problems implementing this procedure, you can always seek support from many companies that exist. You may even find service providers over the internet by just typing “computer support services”. USA is one of those countries that offer high tech support services.

Next is to verify the drive letter that represents the pen drive. This you can know by opening my computer. Lets assume in this case it’s SanDisk(G:),in this case the drive letter is G. click on start and access  run, in that run dialog box, type cmd and then click on the enter button to open the command prompt window. Now it is time to carefully type the drive letter; for example G and then click enter to get to the directory of the drive. If you are having issues up to this point, don’t hesitate to seek live tech support for computer problems.

You may want to see files and folders that are on you pen drive, you only need to type dir/w/o/a/p and click enter. This will allow you see what is on it. Then type attrib-h-r-s autorun.inf and again press enter. This will unprotect the files so you can delete them. Now you can be able to delete unprotected files by first typing “del (name of the file)”

Last but not least, type exit and press enter to return to the windows OS. This helps the USB virus to be removed and your computer restored to its normal functioning order.

Now the virus should be gone and you should be operating normally, but if the problem is still there, then you will have to seek the services of a computer support provider


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