How to Archive Facebook Campaigns – [New Feature]

Don’t delete your campaigns now in Facebook, Because Facebook just launched a new feature named “Archive your Ads” that means instead of deleting your Old campaign you can archive them and you can again use them in future.

But wait, here Facebook will not give you everything that you all want. there is some limitations in this feature, i mean to say some other key conditions that you can’t ignore.

How will you do that :

  1. Choose a campaign,ad set or ad in ads manager
  2. Select Edit > Archive


1) You can have at a maximum of 1k archived campaigns, 1k ad sets and 5k ads at a time across the whole account, and we’ll let you know when you get close to the limit.

2) If you reach this maximum, you’ll need to delete a few archived objects to make room for new ones. Deleting an archived campaign, ad set or ad removes it from Ads Manager permanently.

What i will suggest you to do a Best practice: Delete archived ads 28 days after their last date of delivery to ensure stats will no longer change.

Note that if you delete an archived ad, it may still track impressions, clicks, and actions for 28 days after the date of last delivery. 


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