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The Samsung Galaxy Paraphernalia smart watch makes an incredible sidekick for your Samsung Galaxy Tone 3:00. Galaxy Paraphernalia can synchronize e-mail and more with your Galaxy Footnote 3 June automatically lock or unlock your phone, & even locate it if misplaced.

 Smart Relay with Quick Glance Notifications

 Now you got a risk receive Speedy Glance notifications, such as texts, emails & phone calls, all on your wrist. And when you wish to respond to 1 of your messages on your Samsung Galaxy gimmick, Smart Relay automatically displays the same message for you on your telephone, so you don’t waste any moment searching or opening coatings.

Find My Device


 Never lose railroad of your telephone again. Now, if your phone gets pinned in the couch softens, you can use Galaxy Gear outside the coming space to remotely activate goes or vibrations to make it easy to follow by. Alternatively, you can use your to help you in find your Galaxy Gear—peace of mind goes both ways.

Auto Lock/Unlock

 Keep your phone’s content secure. Auto Lock senses when you’ve walked greater than five feet away from your Galaxy device and automatically secures it. And when you statement, Gear tells your phone that it’s you and automatically unlocks — no PIN entering or thumbprints needed.

Hands-Free Calls

Making call along each move has never been simpler. Now you CA set calls and answer them directly from your Galaxy Paraphernalia. It’s the mere way to have up when you’ve have a lot going on.

Personal Touch

Are with the Pitch Manager app on your Galaxy device to totally customize your experience. Change your camera backgrounds, customize and add new follow faces, enable or incapacitate characteristics, organize your apps and more.

S Voice

Enjoy a personal assistant right on your wrist. Apply simple voice commands to allocate appeals, compose messages, activate key features such because the alert and camera, schedule an event, inspect the weather, and more! Utilising approach the Samsung’s robust S Sound right from Galaxy Gear, you’ll enjoy hands-free convenience.



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