9 Tools to amplify your business’s online marketing campaigns

Web has opened so many opportunities for businesses in the form of social media networks, blogging, email marketing, search engine optimization and others. A business can employ these together for building an effective online presence, engaging audience and for the promotion of its products and services. For creating various online marketing campaigns, projects and for ensuring their proper and smooth implementation, using the right tools can help. Online marketing tools can be immensely beneficial in this regard. These solutions will enable easy and streamlined management over such projects and campaigns. These will improve task delegation. Progress made in projects can be precisely tracked with them. These solutions will ensure success in a business’s marketing projects.


Are you using these 9 online marketing tools which are critical for the success of your marketing activities? If not, then your marketing efforts would not be giving you the desired results. By using these solutions, you will be witnessing increased people engagement, lead nurturing and customer conversion. You must go for these applications if you want your business to grow and profit more.

File Management

1. Dropbox

Project files can be synchronized in a simple manner with this online file sharing and syncing tool. It enables team members to edit documents, add photos and show videos from anywhere in the world. They can easily access their stuff from their computers, tablets or phones. Changes occurring in a file or document get automatically updated in Dropbox. Content created for online marketing campaigns can be stored in files and folders.  A business is able to share entire folders with its clients who need permission for viewing files contained in them. Files can also be shared among team members. It enables smooth team collaboration on web applications, marketing campaigns and landing pages.

Liquid Web Managed Word Press

2. Google Drive

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This online cloud storage service lets team members effortlessly create documents, files and store them on the web. All changes made in documents get saved automatically, so members need not worry about saving them time and again. A team of content creators can collaboratively develop content for a business’s marketing projects and store them in the documents. They can also edit documents together.

Search Engine Optimization

1. Moz

Businesses are able to track their search engine rankings, know more about their website’s domain, page authority with Moz inbound marketing and SEO software. They can identify new SEO opportunities. How successful have been a business’s content marketing efforts, can be known with this tool. It offers some pretty useful solutions like analytics application, on-page SEO grader, SERP analysis tool, web crawler test, and others.


Project Management

1. ProofHub

With this project management and collaboration tool, online marketing projects can be managed in a streamlined manner. Team members can communicate fast and readily. Tasks can be properly assigned to them through to-do’s lists. It can be known which  member is performing which specific task; who is writing content, who is submitting it and who is promoting it. Content marketing tasks can be properly scheduled through ProofHub editorial calendar. It enables content writers to write quality content and deliver it on time. Thus SEO team is able to get consistent flow of content for promoting a business.  Timesheets help to gauge time spent in performing various tasks. Team members can upload and share files. Progress made on tasks can be viewed through Gantt charts. On achievement of a particular milestone, members get notified about it. This tool facilitates completion of a business’s marketing projects within the stipulated time span. Thus a business’s marketing strategies get implemented timely and comprehensively.

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2. Asana

Team members are able to work collaboratively with this project management solution. They need not use emails for team communication. Tasks can be commented upon. Members are able to attach files directly from Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. Calendar view in Asana helps to gain an overview of all the tasks in a project. This can be synced to the Google Calendar. Due dates of tasks can be changed directly from the calendar view. Assignments can also be changed. Team members are able to discuss assigned topics and share research. This tool can also be used as an editorial calendar. So it gets known what is due, upcoming and what got delayed. Tasks associated with content creation, submission and promotion can be properly tracked and conducted as scheduled.

Social Media Management

1. Buffer

Buffer is a social media management system which allows businesses to post content on various social media in a convenient manner. With Buffer App, a business is able to specify the number of times a day, content needs to be posted. It can add posts to the queue and buffer them as per its schedule. Content can be readily added to the queue through browser extensions. A business is able to schedule its tweets and messages which works great for its marketing campaigns.

2. Hootsuite

This social media management tool enables tracking and collaborating with team members through a dashboard. Its dashboard can also be used for monitoring various hashtags or accounts and for following Twitter lists. Hootsuite can also be used for scheduling content. It enables a business to launch its marketing campaigns. A business is able to identify and grow its audience. This tool also distributes targeted messages. It streamlines team’s workflow through scheduling and assignment tools. Custom reports help to measure success of a business’s marketing campaigns.

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Project Analysis Tools

1. Google Analytics

A business is able to track and monitor its marketing projects, campaigns through Google Analytics. It can view traffic sources of its website, on-site activity besides other things. It can track its conversion rate and judge the effectiveness of its online marketing activities. With content experiments, a business is able to measure the degree of profitability of its different landing pages, designs and others.

2. KISSmetrics

This customer analytics tool takes all the data collected by a business and connects it to real people. So it can clearly know what these people do. Reports provide analytical information about funnels, revenue, metrics and cohorts. A business is able to find who lies at each step of its funnels. It can identify those people who did not make it to the steps in its marketing funnel. It is able to make out what is obstructing them from reaching out to the next step in the funnel. It can reach out to these people with ease. KISSmetrics cohorts enables grouping of people into different batches on the basis of specific actions performed by them. So a business is able to track how behavior of customers changes over time. It can know which specific customers were responsible for the changes. It can find out from which original source its customers came from, what did they buy, their course of action after signing up and other relevant data. Thus a business is able to significantly improve with the critical analysis of its customer data. It can take the right measures for boosting customer engagement.

These tools will enable proper implementation of a business’s marketing strategies and its marketing efforts will be translated into intended gains.

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