Guidelines for Creating Perfect Power Point Presentations

Over the years the growth of technology and the advent of computers in almost every sphere of our lives, everything as we know it has gone digital. Presentations have been an integral part of our socio-economic setup and now that they too have boarded the technology train, it is time for us to upgrade ourselves to power point presentations.


Here are some tips that will help you create amazing power point presentations and save you a hell lot of time.

  • Content planning

Make sure that you plan your content well and write it in a clear way so as to facilitate your slide creation. The content should be grammatically correct and well structured to strengthen your presentation and give it a character of its own that helps you impress and influence the audience in a positive way.

  • Templates are your best friends

Creating a presentation using power point is not that difficult a job but creating an effective and stunning presentation can actually pin you down. A presentation is not just about displaying content to the audience and explaining to them what you have in the slides. It is about engaging the audience in every possible way and gripping their attention. Templates work perfectly towards achieving this when utilized in the best possible way.

  • Be clear and concise

Always be clear about the topic before creating the slides for your presentation. Remember you need to create a presentation and not copy all of your speech into it, be as concise as possible, and make use of bulleted lists. The use of points would allow you to deliver the presentation in a better way and also synchronize the speech with your slides.

Liquid Web Managed Word Press
  • Readability
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Choose the fonts, font size, font color, and line spacing correctly and make sure you keep readability in mind while doing so. No matter what you do if your content is not readable the presentation is destined to fail. This does not mean that you go overboard with the font styling. Just keep it simple and clear so as to make the content present in the slides easy to read and clear for the audience.

Another factor to be considered is the use of the styling. The parts or phrases you need to lay emphasis on need to be bold so as to make them stand out of the rest of the text present in the slides.

  • Use animations and data charts

Images and animations always add to the x-factor of your presentations and help you in expressing yourself in a better, more effective way. Since the human brains reacts to visuals more quickly it is always better to use images and data charts to represent the information you want to convey to your audience.

All of these guidelines would help you deliver a great presentation while keeping it low key for you as well as the audience. Always keep in mind that you need to connect with the audience in order to make the presentation a success. contains 500+ FREE PowerPoint templates for business professionals. You may download chart business templates, presentation graphics including icons, PowerPoint diagrams, and Smart Art designs for free today at


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  1. You’re absolutely right!
    For so many times I`ve asked employees to alter presentations due to the fact that presentations seemed inappropriate or not readable by the customer (we are an audit company).
    If a job is worth doing it is worth doing well, you know.
    So I searched within Google and found a great site with templates shapes, charts and diagrams and still use it.

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