11 interesting apps to Fully Customize the Lock Screen of for your android phone!

Android phones by their inherent nature do not allow its users to modify the screen. But there are many third party apps that allow you to customize the lock screen of your phone. Following are 11 best apps for your android phone that can give your phone’s lock screen a new look and finish.


  • NiLS Lockscreen Notifications: this app changes the way you check your notifications. If you are an android user you will know that your phone does not display the notifications on the lock screen and thet you need to drag down the notification bar to check it. But with this app, you can check it any time by tapping left, right (in order to clear them) or tap to open them or simply swipe it down to clear the notifications.


  • LockerPro: like the NiLS, even this app allows you to check the notifications in the lock screen. The only major difference is that it has a better looking interface and that it can work with Pebble Smartwatch as well.


  • GO Locker: the team that brought you the Go Launcher is the one behind this app. In addition to many interesting features this app allows you to change the theme of your phone without unlocking the screen. On fact one can also check the daily weather report from the apps and get reminders as well.


  • MiLocker: this app adds color to your phone by providing you with colorful looking themes that are regularly updated by the MIUI community. One can also decide how they will open the open by selecting one of the many options available like slide up, vertical slip and many more.
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  • Start: as is evident from the name this app allows the user to call, text and even email friends and family members without unlocking the home screen. With a highly attractive interface, this app has many in-built features and is extremely easy to use.


  • MagicLocker Main: this app is perfect for all those who would love to customize their lock screen. You have more than 3000 screen themes to pick and choose from so that you can easily create the look that you would like to flaunt. In case you are not satisfied with a mere attractive interface you can also add sounds effects to it. Now how cool is this?


  • Holo Locker: this app is highly inspired by the Android 4.x interface. This app is meant for those individuals who would like to use the in built features of the software. Compared to the other apps this one only offers mere customization and allows the user to disable the status bar and that is it. Compared to the other apps it is not that great.


  • Joy Locker: this app is true to its name. It will give you a lot of joy to use this app. Once can use this app to play a game before they are allowed to open the lock screen. Fun isn’t it?


  • WidgetLocker: this is the most popular app when it comes to the customization of one’s lock screen. Here one can use the different widgets to give an edge to their phone. Just place your chosen widget on the lock screen and you can easily use it without even unlocking your phone.
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  • Facebook Home: this app is perfect for all those who swear by the social networking site. Once installed one can easily check the notifications as and when they want.


  • Lock Master: this app is the ultimate one especially for all those who go crazy on the different themes. One of their popular varieties is the guitar where one needs to play the string in order to unlock the screen. The most used apps are shown on the side bar and as such everything is available under your thumb.

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My list of top 11 comprises of the above mentioned ones. In case you think that there are many others that could have made it to this list don’t forget to mention it in your comments.

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