20 Useful iOS 7 Tips and Tricks That You Probably Did Not Know

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iOS 7 has redefined the way one viewed Apple iPhones. Although Apple has brought back the changes nearly half a decade later yet it is a welcome change. It is a drastic change and something that many of the users like us have been waiting for patiently. As it is with any big update, there are many features that you are not aware of and hence have not browsed them. It often happens that months have passed before you discover them accidentally. So we have listed here 20 iOS 7 tips that has high chances of being missed by you or you have simply overlooked them.


  • Set Custom IP/DNS Address: when you activate the internet connection on your phone, it automatically sets a IP or DNS address. But then there are times when the internet connection is not working properly and you need to fiddle with your phone o that it catches the connection. For this go to the option saying edit IP or DNS from there go to the Wi-Fi option and then press the ‘I’ button in order to set a custom IP or DNS address.


  • Camera Burst Mode: this is a great feature especially for those who want to capture the different moments that makes up our life. For this you need to press the built-in burst mode in the camera app. Once you press the button, the camera will go on clicking the pictures. The longer the duration you press the button the greater the number of pictures taken.


  • Automatic HDR: a perfect for all those who like to click pictures on the go. Earlier one had to select the HDR option but now once you select the auto feature, the camera will detect on its own whether the light is correct or not and will activate the HDR on its own so that every picture is perfect.



  • Facetime Audio: all the users of iPhone are aware of the Facetime feature that allows one to have video conversations with our friends and family members. But with the iOS 7, Apple has introduced factime video where you can chat with your friends without the video.


  • Save Calendar Entries from SMS: earlier you had the option of missing an event and later on explaining about it by saying that you forgot about it. But with iOS 7 you can never forget any event. For example someone has messaged you saying that “lets meet for a movie tomorrow at 8”. This message will have an option of whether you would like to save it as an event or not.


  • Enable Reduce Transparency: you will be amazed to see how you can practically see through certain apps. What I mean is because of the increased translucent feature one can see things at the back. However you can easily reduce it by clicking on Settings > General > Accessibility > Increased Contrast and enable Reduce Transparency.


  • Disable Parallax Effect: when the iOS 7 was launched, Apple highlighted the parallax effect but on a daily basis it can be a little disorienting. Do you want to switch it off? There are many amongst us who would love to do so. For this you need to go to Settings > General > Accessibility and toggle Reduce Motion.


  • Perspective Zoom for Wallpapers: if you observe carefully you will see that the wallpapers on your phone do not fit the screen of your phone like they used to. This is simply because of the parallax feature that is described above. In order to turn it off go to Settings > Wallpapers and Brightness > tap the wallpaper to turn off perspective zoom.


  • Microphone and Motion Activity Privacy: iOS 7 allows users to decide who would like which app to use the microphone and M7 chip set. Once you decide on the apps you can allow them as per your requirement.


  • Block Annoying Contacts: how many times have you wished that you would like to block certain contacts forever? Now this can become a reality with the iOS 7. Just press the ‘i’ button and you will not receive any messages or calls from the selected number.


  • Make Siri Learn New Names: one of the major problems of iOS 6 was Siri being unable to pronounce names. But iOS 7 has rectified this. If Siri fails to pronounce a name properly you can say ‘learn how to pronounce [name]’ and Siri will do the needful.


  • Check Message Timestamps: now you can easily check the timestamp besides every message sent and received. A big relief indeed!


  • Control Apps That Run In the Background: too many apps running in the background? Is it draining the battery out of your phone? Well you can now control this by deciding on which apps needs to be refreshed. Go to settings – general – background apps refresh and voila it’s done.


  • View and Control Cellular Data Consumed By Each App: instead of allowing the different apps to consume cellular data, you can now regulate your cellular bill by switching off the cellular data for any of the apps installed.


  • Level Indicator: unlike the other apps installed this one is not easily visible. You need to swipe the phone to access this app from the compass app.


  • Automatically Update Apps: instead of manually checking which apps need to be updated, opt for the automatic feature located under settings. Once you switch it on, you can practically forget which app needs to be updated time and again.


  • Hidden Compass Features: set the direction you need to travel in the compass app and if you deviate from the path a red bar will appear reminding you that you have deviated. This is extremely useful if you are travelling to a new place and have chances of getting lost.


  • View Saved Passwords and Credit Card Info: the moment you log in to any website and use your credit card, you will be asked whether you will like to save it or not. Once you click the yes button the password will be saved. You can view the details later on and change it if necessary.


  • Access Control Centre and Notification Centre From Lock Screen: now you can easily access the control or notification centre without unlocking the phone. Just swipe the phone from up or down depending on the app that you need to access.


  • Universal Search: in order to access the spot light search you don’t need to swipe the phone from the left. In iOS 7 all you need to do is swipe any of the home screens in order to access it


These 20 iOS 7 tips is going to make you check out your phone with new wonder. In case you have some other things in mind that you think should have made their entry into this list then do let me know. It is always great to learn about new things. Till then, keep reading

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