How to show your AdWords certification to potential clients

There are now two new ways for you to show others that you’re a Google AdWords expert. Starting today, anyone who’s AdWords certified can get a personalised HTML certificate on Partners. Also, you now have a publicly sharable profile page, which includes your certifications and basic information like your name, Google+ profile photo and company affiliation.


Here’s how it works:

To view an HTML version of your certificate:

  1. Sign in to your Google Partners account at
  2. Click the ‘My profile’ link in the ‘Overview’ section.
  3. If you’re AdWords certified, click the ‘AdWords Certified’ link to open a printable, HTML version of your certificate.
  4. You can print the certificate or save it to your desktop to share with potential clients.

To share your Google Partners public profile:

  1. Select the ‘My Profile’ page link from the menu.
  2. Visit the ‘Public Profile’ section of this page. By default, your public profile page is visible only to you.
  3. To make your profile visible to others, click the ‘Share with’ drop-down menu and select ‘Public.’
  4. You can now click the ‘View Profile’ link and begin sharing your page with anyone.
  5. If you’re signed in to your Partners account, your profile’s visibility status will appear at the top of the page. You may always change it from public back to private.




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