5 Geeky Apps of all the times

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5 best mobile apps

Some apps are not for everyone and not everyone is happy to have them. These are made for specific tasks. Such apps are third party apps useful in becoming more productive, updating work on a regular basis with lesser commotion of gadgets around you. These are often termed as geeky. There are a number of apps that one can download to satisfy his/her geeky appetite. I have gathered a list of five such apps. Have a look.

GLSL Studio


Learning programming that too on your handheld device is made possible by GLSL Studio. It is full of features – create, edit and complete full vertex and fragment shaders. A simple to use interface allows using vertex data, textures and attributes/ varying/ uniforms in various conditions.

Key features:

  • Make ES 2.0 vertex and fragment shaders
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Dark and light syntax highlighting themes
  • Arrows and shortcuts via custom keyboard
  • Automatic code indentation
  • Import 3D meshes through iTunes File sharing
  • Retina enabled
  • Numerous 2D/3D programs incorporated
  • Create vertex data in app
  • Control textures in-app
  • Manage varyings, attributes and uniforms
  • Export through iTunes file sharing
  • Export through email attachment

DK The Human Body App



The app has won many prizes as it is truly deserving. It is highly educative with a display of correct, illustrative accessible information. The human body is elucidated in a fun and entertaining manner.

Key Features:

  • Data created by doctors and practitioners
  • 270+ unique colored and zoomable high resolution images
  • 12 body systems – cardiovascular, digestive, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, respiratory, skin, hair and nails, urinary and reproductive are demonstrated with images, text and explanation.
  • 99 story pages of the above
  • 3D rotatable human body
  • Feel the body functions. For instance, hold the device and you can feel the heart beating and lungs breathing
  • 4 videos for showing some bodily processes – inflammatory response, conception, beating heart and nerve impulse.

Printer Pro

 Printer Pro

Printer Pro is the work of some smartphone app developers. It allows printing attachments, web pages, documents and more from the iPad on any Wi-fi or USB printer and all this is done wirelessly. It is capable of printing to more than one wi-fi printers or any printer connected to the Mac or PC with the help of helper application installed on the computer.

Key Features:

  1. Printer Pro helps in getting print of:
  • iWork attachments
  • Email attachments
  • Web pages
  • Clipboard content Documents on Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Clipboard content
  • Photos
  • Files from other applications
  1. Supports format – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, TXT, HTML, JPG, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Safari web archive.
  2. Helper applications for computer to print more quality documents.




Vintagio is an amazing video app with amazing features.

Key features:

  • HD Filters from 20s to 80s: potent simple editing tools, real soundtrack and more.
  • Retro look: two modes – express and pro. Pro has advanced editing tools
  • Video filters: Classic sepia, Classic black and white, 20s Newborn, 50s Sepia, 60s Hippie Fair, 70s Crazy Grooving and 80s Disco Blast
  • Flip video – right to left
  • Take out pictures from the video
  • Video quality: high, low and HD
  • Video speed – slowdown to add drama, make videos faster, play video in forward or reverse mode and set variable speed
  • Titles and Transitions -7 title cards with different fonts and 5 types of smart transitions
  • Online video gallery: access the vintage videos and submit the videos to get featured


 issh app

iSSH is developed by smartphone app developers, Zinger Soft. An app for both the iPhone nad iPad, it is the ultimate app for the one who uses Linux, UNIX or Mac systems.

Key features:

  • Supports Multitasking
  • Multiple synchronized connections
  • Tunneled RDP client
  • Tunneled X server
  • SSH, telnet, VNC and RDP work using EDGE, Wi-fi, and 3G
  • A VGA BBS ANSI compatible mode
  • Portrait and landscape mode
  • Almost every encoding supported
  • Random port tunneling via SSH
  • Optional Keyboard transparency
  • Shift public keys automatically
  • Agent forwarding
  • Bluetooth keyboard support for arrow keys, function keys and remapping of the control key by means of option key mapping
  • Store unlimited connections, configurations and organize them into groups
  • Customizable keyboard

These are apps for all, who wish to have them. Go grab them, today.

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