5 different ways to get the max out of your iPhone battery!

Smart phones are the most common feature in everybody’s life today. You will hardly come across any individual who is not using a smart phone. One of the most popular smart phones is the Apple iPhone. This phone is well known for the different features and software’s loaded in it. But have you noticed that the more you use software the higher is your phone’s battery consumption? So is there no way where you can sue the different software’s and yet get a good life out of your battery? Well there are seven tricks by which you can make the most out of your iPhone battery.

iPhone battery

Turn off Background / Refresh option: The next time you use an app don’t forget to turn off the background or refresh settings of the app. There are many applications that we don’t require on a regular basis so there is no point in keeping the refresh option on. So go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and deactivate it. You can either do it for all the software’s or any specific one that you consider necessary. The next time you sue the app it will just take a little longer to bring you the latest information but besides this you will hardly face any problem.

Disable notification: another interesting way by which you can increase your phone’s standby time is by disabling the notification. When you are going off to sleep disable the notifications for FaceBook and twitter so that extra battery is not consumed. Keep the notifications of your mail open if it is urgent or disable it at night as well.

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Watch your signal strength indicator: It often happens that you are in office in between an important meeting and your phone is unable to catch the network signal because of the air conditioner and so on. In such a scenario put your phone in the airplane mode and once you are out of the meeting switch it back to the normal status. By doing this you will be able to save a lot of battery simply because at that point of time you don’t need the phone so there is no need to keep it on so that the battery is used to derive a stronger signal in order to receive reception.

Check for email manually: Instead of auto update where you can get the mail immediately it is sent, set your email receiving option to manual so that you have to visit the email to receive any. This is very useful when you are travelling in an overnight flight and you need all the rest so that you are all fresh and raring to go the next day. In such a scenario if you go on receiving mail at regular intervals your sleep is disturbed as well as your phone’s battery is consumed.

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Turn off Location Services and Frequent Locations: most of us don’t have any idea how much battery it consumes when the iPhone’s GPS is constantly getting feeds on your current location. Disable it to save a lot of battery.

So what are you waiting for? Try these out today only and see the difference!

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