New Google AdSense Earnings Screen, Publishers not liking it

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Peoples used to explore things in the same way they are doing in past, because they are used to it and like to do the same for their easiness. Same happened with the New Google Ad-sense Earnings Screen, people are not liking it . this statement i am writing here because many webmasters are talking about this in Webmaster world Forum here.

They are reporting what they like in previous screen and what they don’t like in new screen.


Specifically, the data that is missing are:

(1) Last Month’s Estimate Earnings

(2) This Month So Far Estimate Earnings


The new screen does not have these, but it does add data points such as:

(1) Last 7 Days Estimate Earnings

(2) Last 28 Days Estimate Earnings


Here is screenshots of the 2 screen to see the UI changes.

Old screen-google adsense

Old screen-google adsense


New Google Adsense Screen

New Google Adsense Screen




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