Google Indexing more Android App Content In Search Results

In December, Google started categorization humanoid app content in Google search, that means if you looked for data picture show, you may open the relevant lead to your IMDB app directly from the search results page.

Google is now expanding the number of apps that are utilizing this search technology, with an additional 24 apps, including Pinterest,, The Huffington Post, Glassdoor, and AOL. There’s a complete listing of apps on the app indexing site.


Google’s announcement states:

Whether you’re searching for a movie, an apartment, restaurant, shoes, news article, book, recipe, or even a job, you can now go directly to the relevant content within apps that you’ve installed on your phone.





This app content in search is available in English but no timeline has been announced for when this feature will be available for non-English users.


Google conjointly provided an inventory of best practices to think about once adding deep links to your sitemap or website:

  1. App deep links ought to only be enclosed for canonical net URLs.
  2. Remember to specify an app deep link for your homepage.
  3. Not all web site URLs during a Sitemap got to have a corresponding app deep link. don’t include app deep links that aren’t supported by your app.
  4. If you’re a news website and use News Sitemaps, make certain to incorporate your deep link annotations within the News Sitemaps, in addition as your general Sitemaps.
  5. Don’t give annotations for deep links that execute native ARM code. this allows app categorisation to figure for all platforms
  6. Make sure the rear button behavior of your app leads directly back to the search results page.
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