How Ad Rank Formula will boost your ad position in Google


In previous year October, 2013, Google announced an update or we can say changed Google Ad Rank formula for ranking display and search ads ranking in search.

Many of us wants to know what is Ad rank and how we can get the benefit, if we know the formula of it how it works and rank the ads, when some one search something in search engine( Like Google ).

So lets cover this chapter by starting from What is Ad Rank ?

1) What is Ad rank:

AdRank in AdWords is a key AdWords marketing concept that plays a huge role in determining how prominently your ads are displayed in a SERP and also your cost-per-click. Ad rank will decide in which order your ads will appear in search on the basis of Quality score and CPC bid.

Don’t forget the main fact, if you are having low bid and high quality score then still you can will the number one place to appear in search in-comparison to your competitor ads bid+ quality score.

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AdRank in AdWords has historically been calculated based on your Max CPC and Quality Score.


2) How Ad rank formula has changed : Before anything changed in Google Ad Rank formula till October, 2013, it has only to component to decide Ad rank score and Ad position, But now in the Ad rank formula we have something new which is called “the expected impact from your ad extensions and formats.” So what it means is the more fancy features and ad formats you use, the better your Ad Rank is going to be.


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The CPC You Pay is Determined by the Ad Rank of the Person Below You Divided by Your Quality Score.



So, some of you are thinking about what is ad extension and format and how they are impacting our position in Ad Rank measurement. Answer for Query is given below in our next point.

4)  Why Ad extensions are Important :

If you use Ad Extensions, your ad positions will improve, your CPC will go down, and your competitors CPCs will go up. Conversely, if your competitors use Ad Extensions and if you fail to use them, then your ad positions will drop, your CPCs will go up, and your competitors CPCs will go down.

Before anyone take you down in your business, you must take or use Ad extension in your ad copy for better CTR and less CPC and High Quality Score.

Ad-extensions-Formats-techblogcornerIn the Above image, Blue links with name like “Buy 1- Get 2 @ Nirula’s” are called Ad extensions and now the are not optional in Ad words. Because if you use more Ad extensions then CTR is High and that means Google is gaining more from this feature, that’s why they are giving preference to those who are using Ad extensions.


Here is a video Tutorial for Ad rank below:

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 Image Courtesy : Search engine land and Hubspot

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