LogPacker Review – Automated Log Data Collector Tool

Nowadays, computers have the propensity to carry more junk than any of the garbage cans and the loads keep increasing with years passing on. Logpacker is one of the software which can be designed as a data collector.

It opens up enormous possibilities of data collection and analysis. Logpacker can also be defined as a type of EXE file associated with security suite developed by Steganos Gmbh for Windows operating system. With several features, Logpacker has many advantages too that helps it to stand out of the crowd. Now, let’s discuss every fine details of LogPacker here–

LogPacker Pricing System

Among many advantages, one of the advantages of LogPcker is that, it has different pricing system. There are three types of pricing system– Free, Pro and Enterprise.

  • Free– Absolutely free, this feature comes from 5 servers. It includes different privileges like client and server side, unlimited sources, scanning, clustering etc.
  • Pro– Starts from $99, this feature comes from 10 servers. Along with free module features, it has different price level among it. Not only that it has one-year direct access to support team.
  • Enterprise– Starting from $1499, this feature comes from 200 servers. It has many characteristics like priority support, personal features, maintenance etc.

LogPacker Features

LogPacker is widely famous for its enormous useful features it offers. Let’s discuss those features in details here.

  • Scanning– it has a stunning detectable power and recognizes most important software. It can scan within seconds and really easy to start.
  • Aggregation– This helps you to choose particular message type which is going to collect and analyze. It helps in disk space saving and is adaptive to two layer clients.
  • Reliable– One of the best features of this system is the reliable delivery. It has trouble free message delivery with advanced connection supervision. Not only that, it also secures reliable data transfer between all nodes of system.
  • Clustering– LogPacker clustering system helps to increase reliability allows parallel data processing. It comes with high speed which increases its efficiency.
  • Data Sources– being a perfect tool for data collection and its control, it has the ability to control different 3rd party apps. It doesn’t need any extra plug-in.
  • Data outputs– LogPacker helps you to allow right architecture for for data collection and its processing.
  • Server Monitoring– It has a sharp monitoring system which easily detects errors, warnings and exceptions.
  • Real time search– It has real time search approach, which helps to possess every popular open source search application.

LogPacker Benefits

With such a long list of features, certainly, it has many advantages.  The different advantages of LogPacker are as follows–

  • Easy and simple– LogPacker is blessed with easy and quick start with easy installation. It is really easy to control your data with this software.
  • Clear– It is clean and clear! That means it automatically creates dashboards for key metrics and thus can show you live data with flexible custom user interface.
  • Fast– Speed is one of the best qualities of LogPacker. Scanning, aggregation and data delivery, it accomplishes all these with quick service.
  • Durable– It is durable. Health check and backups provide high level of reliability. Not only that, clustering provides high load capacity as a result it never lose data.


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