Most Effective Way to Stop Spam in WordPress Contact Form Plugin

Many WordPress websites are suffering from huge spam triggers & Contact Form 7, the most popular free WordPress contact form plugin can’t protect himself from these big spammers. But today, i am going to guide those users who are already using Contact form 7 WordPress plugin.

Steps to Protect Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin from Spam –

  1.  In your dashboard, click on contact from the left sidebar.


2. Then, select the contact form you have implemented on your WordPress website.


3. After clicking on that contact form, you will see a screen, where you can see all information about your contact form fields.


4. Now you have to click on on Generate Tag option shown above in the screen & select quiz or captcha code. i will personally recommend to go for quiz, because now a days lot of people are using captcha and these are the techniques which are very easy for spammers to break. So i will suggest you to go for Quiz option. There you can enter your desired question, which spam bots can’t break so quickly & easily.

5.  Now Enter, your quiz question as shown below, and copy the shortcode generated by the tag in your contact form field.


6. Now you can see, this quiz is added in contact form  of my website, This steps helped me a lot to protect my website from spamming my contact form with lots of spam emails daily.

I hope you like this post and many more to come in future to solve your basic &advanced problems in your WordPress website. Have a great day! signing off now 🙂



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