The advantages of advertisement and promotions are demonstrated by the increase in sales that undertaking of these activities results in. Google AdWords is a a great advertising tool offered by Google through which businesses can advertise their content. Their advertisement content can be designed in a way to grab maximum attention.


What is Google AdWords ?

Google AdWords uses keywords that are frequently searched for on Google’s search engine and it displays the advertisements of businesses when those words are looked up. For example if an organization dealing in ‘ soaps ‘ and ‘ powder ‘ considers these two keywords to advertise on Google AdWords then as soon as someone types the two keywords on the Google’s search engine, the advertisement of the concerned businesses will pop up. And when the users click on the link, they are directed to your landing page or the website. The best part about Google AdWords is that it is free to sign up and businesses only need to pay on the basis of the number of clicks.

what is google adwords

 Who invented AdWords?

Somewhere down the years, in the final decades of the 20th century a new form of online advertising emerged. The earlier method to advertise was paying for the number of views captured by an advertisement, but this transformed with the launch of by Bill Gross. by Idealab was a platform where the advertisers could advertise based on the keywords that the users would make searches for. This was later adopted by Google in 2000.


Initially Google used to manage their advertisement campaign in return for a monthly subscription. They later opened it up for small businesses and to enable personalized campaigns by introducing the AdWords Self – Service Portal. They even assisted the campaigners by providing free telephone assistance, known as Jumpstart.


What is a good CTR in an AdWords campaign?

CTR is an indicator of your advertisements relevance. Whenever your advertisement campaign is displayed somewhere it is known as an impression. When a user seems interested in an ad he clicks or goes to the landing page of the advertisement, which is known as a clickthrough. CTR is the ratio of number of clickthrough by number of impressions, multiplied by 100. The Average click through rate across all industries is 1.91 % on search platform and 0.35 % on display platform. Though there is no specific benchmark a CTR in the range of 1-2 % is considered good.

What are the best resources for becoming an expert in AdWords?

Google offers a certification known as ‘ AdWords Certification ‘ which provides professional accreditation to people who display proficiency in advanced aspects of AdWords through the Google’s AdWords Certification Learning Center. In addition to this there are many courses and lectures available on the internet that would help an individual in becoming an Adword expert.


Here are a few of them :-

Udemy’s Adword for Beginners – Spanning 4 hours and 44 topics it provides a thorough introduction to the concept of AdWords and its platform.

Lynda’s Google AdWords Essential Training – This one is primarily aimed for beginners who have no idea of the AdWords platform. It provides a step by step guide on how to get started and become an expert in Google AdWords.

Certified Knowledge’s AdWords Lessons – Brad Geddes who was once the most sought after paid search consultants offers a great in-depth AdWords training program through his company Certified Knowledge.


There are several other Google AdWords guide but these are the best resources available that provide a great understanding to the Google’s AdWords.


What are the most expensive keywords in AdWords?

Google AdWords is the avenue through which the major chunk of revenue of Google comes through. Around 97 % of Google’s revenue comes from online pay – per – click! Being the most popular search engine Google needs to provide relevant search results to stay incumbent.

The 5 most expensive AdWords are : –
• Insurance
• Loans
• Mortgage
• Attorney
• Credit
Now having a look at these most popular AdWords it would bring to your notice that all of these deal with industries that are involved with financing activities and managing huge amounts of money.

The next 5 most expensive AdWords are: –
• Lawyer
• Donate
• Degree
• Hosting
• Claim
The cost per click of these top AdWords runs up to a little over $ 54, which is the cost per click (CPC) of Insurance, the top most Adword, followed by $ 44.28 ( Loans ).


Google AdWords is a wonderful tool to advertise on the internet platform. It helps businesses to manage and attract customers locally or globally. A good SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) accompanied by AdWords can increase your overall reach and profitability of the business.


How Google Makes Money ?

Below Info-graphic Will tell you how Google & from where they are earning money.



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