Facebook is making continuously efforts to explore the ideas to enhance the user experience in their platform. Main motive of facebook canvas ads is to just introduce a new, innovative and flexible platform to create Ad format that helps to improve the mobile experiences as well as to unleash the creativity. Facebook’s last release of 2015 is lead generation ads that help the users to generate leads on the live platform and attract the target consumers. In 2016, facebook introduced Canvas Ad format, providing full brand experience.


How Facebook Canvas Ads Works??

These Ads are suitable only for mobile platform and will appears in the facebook news feed on mobile. The canvas will load automatically when user click on it gives the user to explore the images, videos and many more.  The idea behind this is to keep the user busy on facebook as long while promoting brands. Canvas provides the user a better website experience while keeping log on the facebook. Through this brands and products describes intensive stories about them. It gives lots of options to advertisers to show the images like, they expand the images, or they can use “TILT PAN” option giving panoramic experience.

Benefits of adopting FB CANVAS Ads –

Canvas ads become more useful for users as it gives immersive experience, without running some  issues such as load times increases, user dropping off from platform and so on.  At the end, the user gets more engaged with the environment of canvas since there is no point on leaving the facebook platform. The only downside is resulting into the lower site visits as the user may not always experience the brand’s website after experiencing the canvas. The canvas ads have the potential to create the positive experience and create the brands interest in user’s mind, which could turn that user will visit the full website.

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