How IT skills gap will stop you to earn more ? [InfoGraphics]


With newer technologies entering the workplace, there is always a concern that workers might not be “up to snuff” so to speak. 1 in 3 workers in America report that they aren’t as proficient with the technology required to do their job as they should be, and that gap can only widen. 2015-12-04 00-17-54-techblogcorner
                                                                                                         Lack of IT Skills

It’s important for companies and start ups to recognize the changing landscape beneath their feet so they aren’t left behind when other businesses capitalize on that instability to sweep the rug out from under their competitors.
This infographic from the School of Business based out of the University of Alabama at Birmingham demonstrates the way entrepreneurs and business leaders can shift the scales by implementing educational strategies and training to keep their workforce in tip-top shape. Instead of viewing workers as underdeveloped, to view them as opportunities to educate.

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