Bing App Adds Direct Answers & Redesigned Homepage for Iphone Users


The Bing App has released new updates, including a redesigned home page, direct answers and the ability to access bookmarks and search history when offline.

For data more quickly parsed with a camera, the new Bing packs another goodie: a built-in scanner that recognizes QR codes and barcodes. It’s fast and accurate, and accessible via a tap on the Bing logo.

As for the Bing team’s plan to bring new search experience to other platforms, Gavin said it’ll come to Android in the near future. “This is really just a reflection of our work across search, across platforms,” he said. But iOS device owners don’t have to wait: the updated Bing app is a free download on the App Store.

he Bing Search blog included the following video summarizing the app updates:

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