Spy vs Hackers – Infographic


Hackers can access personal information, credit card numbers and passwords of important email id sby sending the strong virus like Torjan. Spy software help in monitoring the daily activities and routine of an user, which is using the internet connection on his device or personal computers.

Hackers usually target the people who have money. They hack their important information and use the information in their own ways. Hackers abuse the information of influential people. Spy software are used to keep check on employees, children or partners by accessing their data. Hackers, most of the time, target the people who they know personally.

Hackers have illicit ambition to use the information and pose threat to the user by using their identity for themselves. Spy software are used for a better check on the loved ones, so that their safety can be ensured in the best possible way. Hackers have harmful motives on their mind for the user of devices and computers. Employee performance can be made better by spying on their activities.

Harming the information and using the credit card numbers of others is a highly offensive act under the law of cybercrimes in US. Spy software use by parents and employers is legal under the law of US.

Internet users cannot easily distinguish between spy wares and Hackers
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