Review the top 5 accessories for PS4

For PS4 owners, the best way to enhance your game play, both on and offline, is to have the right accessories to play games. But, which ones are the top accessories, and what do they offer to you as a player?


These are the top 5 accessories to consider for your PS4, and some basic information about each.

1. PS Subscription
Yes, in the past you would be able to play against others online. Although this is still a feature today, the subscriptions offer far more to players today as well. You can get free games each month, which will remain in your account far beyond the one month trial period. You can also choose PS Vita and PS3 games to add to your account, and as long as you pay the subscription, these remain on your account.

You can also use the Cloud saves feature, play games against others online, download movies, and other online activities. Not only is saving games each month far cheaper than buying them, if you are the competitive type, this subscription service allows you to play against some of the most competitive people online.

2. Turtle beach elite 800
This headset offers surround sound processing, has 2 speaker drivers built in, they are wireless and work with Bluetooth, and there is a hidden built in mic. Although they are pricey (comparable to that of Beats headphones), if you are the ultimate gamer, this is a headset you should invest in. It encompasses the loud, live game play, it allows you to communicate with other players online, and it has built in surround sound, to fully enhance any game you are playing.

3. Mad Catz arcade fighter stick –
For those who like fighting games, and are serious about gaming, this is a joystick you should consider investing in. Solidly built, it is easy to acclimate to, it is large, and has the shooter button feature, in addition to the joystick control. It uses Sanwa parts, which are the same found in arcades, meaning it is top quality and won’t break down on you after a few months of use. There are also decals you can purchase (including Street Fighter) if you want to accessorize with your favourite games. It is solid, well built, it works quickly, and it can take a lot of abuse, even by the most hardcore gamers out there.

4. PS4 Camera
It is one of the latest accessories for the system, and most users don’t even use it for the camera, but rather then built in mic which allows you to set up voice commands without the use of a headset. A true must have for any techie out there. You can turn off the system simply by talking, navigate the interface, or run other game commands, simply by speaking to the device. You can stream your reactions using the camera as well when playing live or against other players. You can even scan your face while playing sports games, and attach it to your favourite player’s body. Its pretty high tech, and it offers features which far extend that of a traditional camera for other gaming systems.

5. Dual Shock Charging Dock
This Dual Shock 4 charging dock is pretty basic, but does allow you to quickly charge your remote controllers in no time. The Sony docks are plastic, and route through the power dock, which you plug directly into the PS4 system. One benefit is that you don’t need a cable plugged into the PS4 when playing, as you can charge the handsets. You can easily organize your handsets as well, so you don’t lose or damage them, when you aren’t playing. Sure, it is pretty basic in statute and design, but if you want the best charging base and docking station, it is worth investing in the Sony, rather than a generic brand model for your PS4 remote controllers.

There are dozens of PS4 accessories you can purchase, and the manufacturers are continually churning out new products for you to purchase. If you want quality, well made items, and those which are truly going to enhance game play, and online gaming and interaction, these are a few of the top options to consider purchasing for your PS4 system today.

If you haven’t yet bought your PS4 you may want to consider buying one on finance. There are numerous online stores that now let you spread the cost and pay monthly or weekly on a new PS4.

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