Important Email Etiquette Tips you should know

Here I am going to share some good Email Writing Etiquette Tips everyone should know, because People send and receive so many messages a day, many end up making embarrassing mistakes that could be detrimental in a professional interaction.

For example, you can easily miss a spelling error while typing out an email on your smartphone, or you may come off as too casual or unprofessional in tone or content.

How to Write a good Email Tips :

1) To, CC and BCC, it all begins here

2) Subject Line – keep the subject direct and noticeable

Examples of good subjects are “Urgent meeting at 3 pm”, “Attn: Quarterly result”, “Notice: New Rules for attendance”

3) Make a courteous opening and closing of Email Body

4) Spell the names correctly– Don’t use Mr, Mrs etc. with first name.

5) Keep it short and simple.

6) It’s important to properly close an email. `Warm regards’, `Thank you for your time’, `Sincerely yours’, `Looking forward to hearing from you’ – whatever you use, make sure it’s consistent with the tone of the message.

7) Include proper signature

8) Check the email for errors or incomplete information, and then send it.

Email-Writing-Etiquette-tips for business
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