How HR functions perform through web applications

Many organizations and companies are realizing the importance of HR functions and features and they are now treating them more than a head hunting department. Usually, HR is supposed to do head hunting for modern day organizations, yet they have far more to offer than only recruitment, selection, and hiring people for a particular job description.


Modern day HR is offering assistance to administrative department as well as training employees for increased productivity and growth. Another thing which is helping companies and organization is the availability of web and smartphone technology that is helping HR becoming a powerful force.

Recently, we have overviewed a couple of web applications that are intended to help HR with their day to day operations. Web applications are becoming popular with each passing day due to their flexibility, real time collaboration, low cost and rich features and functionalities.




TribeHR is one of the leading HR web tools that offer a lot of different HR management tools at one single place.

  • Leave Tracking: With TribeHR you can select, approve and track vacation and leave days, including earned and taken days. Moreover, you can view vacation requests, as well as who is currently on vacation or leave.
  • Employee Development: With TribeHR, you can set, track, and complete goals, privately or shared. You can get feedback and peer input, and collect notes and comments for performance reviews. HR managers can also securely store employee evaluations for future reference, and track and rank employee skills company-wide.
  • Employee Notes and Feedback: You can register notes and feedback regarding employees and managers. These notes and feedback can be privacy-controlled as well as public employee recognition and company feedback.
  • Shared Resources: Monitoring, reviewing and accessing resources are features that help HR professionals to analyze company’s resources for future allocation.
  • Job postings. You can post available job within your company to different social media platforms. You can also accept applications, make and share notes, and rank applicants.
  • Reports: You can generate reports for vacation and sick time, goal progress, skills, and file reading acknowledgement.




BambooHR is another powerful HR web application with several great features to help you manage your employee data:

  • Employee Records: Tracking employee information, such as contact information, dependents, emergency contacts, salary, and position history is a vibrant feature of this web app.
  • Vacation Tracking: This is another feature which BambooHR offers. This feature is available to both employees and HR professionals to track and manage employee leave time. The web app also helps employees to request time off for manager approval. Moreover, it tracks leave time accruals and balances, a handy tool for payroll.
  • Training Time Tracking: Employee training is an essential part of HR processes. This web app helps you track one-time and recurring training, and even set due dates and alerts so that you can monitor employee training.
  • Benefit Tracking. Companies offer different perks and benefits to their employees, in order to keep track of those benefits, you can use this feature and keep track of benefit eligibility, enrollment dates, plans and coverage, as well as employee and company contributions.
  • Online Document Storage: Modern day companies are storing their data on cloud, this app also offers you to save, store, and share your forms, applications, documents and performance reviews on its cloud servers.
  • Reports: Generating different kinds of reports is an essential feature of every HR web app. BambooHR offers different kinds of report generation including: data reports, job history, salary history, leave time used, turnover rate. You can also create customized reports by using different filters and sorting features.



Large organizations prefer to have customized HR software that could help them with their problems and requirements. However, small and medium sized companies look for a better, affordable and reliable solution that best fit their needs. We have reviewed two modern day HR web applications and we think each app offers something unique to HR professionals. If you have anything to add in this post, then please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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