Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Premiere Business-Centric Multimode Laptop with Faster Core M

Lenovo’s famous Yoga series has set new benchmarks for top-grade performance in the hybrid category. Today, this proficient technology company is moving towards new heights of success with its massive selection of quality notebooks under all price brackets. In the 2-in-1 category, the most famous Yoga 2 Pro, has now been succeeded by the Yoga 3 Pro offering a great package of design, performance and build quality. The slimmer, lighter, and power-efficient Yoga 3 Pro powers up with Intel’s latest Core-M chipset. Compared to other players, its price is higher, but the design and performance of this machine is something which will compel you to forget about pricing.

Design and build

The best part of Yoga 3 Pro is its amazingly beautiful design. The hybrid notebook features matte finish on the back, and is just 0.5-inch thick and 1.17Kgs heavy. Compared to players like Apple, Acer and Dell, the weight and girth of this laptop is relatively less. The magnesium matte finish featured on the top and bottom resists fingerprints and also gives a firm grip while carrying the notebook around.


Lenovo has launched Yoga 3 Pro in several color options including, Platinum Silver, Champagne Gold, and Clementine Orange. The conventional dual hinges have also been replaced with a six beveled-metal hinges along with a matte strip. The improved design and build of this machine offers a perfect body for closing and opening wide at 180 degrees without any trouble. The entire look and feel of this notebook is really pleasing. Whether Yoga 3 Pro is folded or not, users will definitely get a great experience while holding its soft-touch body in their hands.

Display Quality

The new Yoga 3 Pro flaunts a great display for excellent multimedia experience. It sports a vibrant 13.3-inch quad HD touch sensitive display with a resolution of 3200 X 1800 pixels. Compared to standard machines, the display quality packed with Yoga 3 Pro is simply phenomenal. Vibrant colors burst out of the screen, and you can literally mark out fine details from a 4k video running on this machine. With 99.3% sRGB color gamut, the display of this machine features vivid and crisp colors, and offers excellent viewing angles in all the four modes.


Hardware configuration

On the specifications front, Yoga Pro 3 offers a really good deal for power users. In fact, it is one of the only few machines that are powered with Intel’s latest power-efficient Core M chipset, promising power-efficient performance with minimal heating. The chipset is clubbed with 8 gigs of RAM and offers top-notch performance while performing multiple tasks or playing standard games. While playing a 4k video, you’ll notice that the chipset of this machine works ideally, but not as good as Core i5 and Core i7 processors.


Software efficiency

In terms of Software efficiency, Yoga 3 Pro offers top-grade performance with the latest Windows 8.1 operating system. The premium machine from Lenovo packs a handful of utilities for retaining top-notch performance for a long period of time.  The official SHAReit app creates a perfect ecosystem for transferring files, while Lenovo photo master provides a standard image-editing tool for customizing different images. The smart world of Windows 8.1 interface is one of the main highlights of this notebook.



Graphics support

When it comes to graphics, Yoga 3 Pro can be described as one of the finest and most efficient laptop ever. The multimedia experience on this notebook is really great, and you can easily browse 4k videos without any kind of lag or glitch. In the 3D department, this laptop is slight behind other players rolling in the market. With an integrated Intel HD Graphics 5300 GPU, Yoga 3 Pro offers ideal performance for standard gaming, but it’s not desirable for core-gamers.


Storage options

In the storage department, Yoga 3 Pro comes with 256GB of SSD type storage. Unlike tradition HDD storage, the SSD featured with this notebook transfers data at lightning fast speed. With this storage, Windows 8.1 booted within 10 seconds, and a 5GB file transferred in 29 seconds at a speed of 175MBps. The storage support featured with machine plays a big role in complimenting its overall performance and efficiency.



For pure music experience, Yoga 3 Pro’s JBL speakers are the best choice. They’re one of the best notebook speakers that deliver accurate and pleasant music quality. From heavy bass to smooth music playback, you can enjoy every kind of music with this power-packing machine. On the plus side, this hybrid notebook also comes preloaded with Waves MaxxAudio for improving sound quality with fine-tuning.

Battery support

Along with efficient music, Yoga 3 Pro also offers sufficient amount of charge with its Li-Polymer 4 Cell 44.8 Watt Hour battery. If you’ll surf on the web continuously with maximum brightness, this powerful machine will deliver 6 hours of backup, while on standard usage, it will easily give 9 hours of backup with full proficiency. The Core M chipset backing this device also plays a big part in improving its power efficiency.


Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro comes in two Avatars with slightly different specifications. Both variants are powered by the same Intel Core M 5Y70 processor, quad HD screen, and 8 gigs of RAM. But, the on-board storage on each variant differs a lot. The low-end variant offers 256GB of SSD at a price around 1 Lac, while the high-end variant comes with 512 gigs of on-board storage for Rs 1,15,000. Both storage variants are available in all three color options.


Considering the entire package, Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro looks like a fair deal for top-notch performance. This power-packed hybrid beast not only offers top-grade specs, but it also flaunts a great look in all four modes. With matte finish and quad HD display, you’ll get a perfect Notebook experience with complete customization abilities. Switching from one mode to another will be real treat with it.

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