5 Best Team Management Tools you should never miss

This article looks at some of the key tools for free that team managers need to do if their team is to thrive and succeed.If you are working in a team then Personal productivity is important, but when you start working with teams you need some good team project management tools in your arsenal.

So Here i am sharing some good tools list for free you should use for better team management :

1) Bitrix24 

Bitrix24 is appealing for teams for three reasons.It’s available for free and you can’t beat free.



2) Asana

Asana is free for teams of up to 15 users has one of the best interfaces among all PM vendors – clean, intuitive and dynamic – you can move things around to suit your needs better.




3)  MindMeister

The feature that I like the most is real time ‘thinking sessions’ that let your team create collaborative mind maps. The free version of MindMeister let you have three mind maps.



4) FreshDesk

Good thing about FreshDesk is that it’s not just a helpdesk solution – it has a built-in Knowledge base, support forums and other features that help customer support make a lasting impression.



5) GroupMe 

It comes with WindowsPhone and Blackberry support, both of which are popular in the business world.


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